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Navigation pane in Streets & Trips is too big for smaller laptops
Arthur Kay Stahlhut
I would like to be able to make the navigation pane smaller, it show that you can make it smaller but when I try it does nothing, it work OK on my 15.4 laptop, but it hell on my 12 inch which I use most of the time
I would agree with this.

Also do we need to have an entire bar across the bottom of the screen dedicated to the location sensor? I like having it be displayed but couldn't it be put up in the menu area that isn't being used for anything?

It's nice that the pushpins have been put into the main toolbar and that the zoom in/out was condensed by removing the pan/zoom buttons. This allows you to have the zoom toolbar next to the man toolbar which frees up space for the map viewer. That's nice but then we lose space because the location sensor takes up the whole bottom of the screen.

Or put the nav pane to the side, like the gps pane.
Arthur said:

I would like to be able to make the navigation pane smaller
I know it is a temporary workaround but for S&T 2009, you may install S&T Keys 2009 version and when navigating in full screen navigation, you may get rid of the navigation pane completly while driving (and make it reappear with a touch of a hotkey "O" (letter)).

See in my signature S&T Keys 2009 online instructions...
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