My USB GPS-500 does not work properly
In 2007, I purchased Streets & Trips with the GPS-500 locator. In 2008 I upgraded to Streets & Trips 2008 thinking that I could still use my GPS locator I had already. I am having problems with it as it will not work and would like to know what to do or how to make it work or what could be the cause of my problems. Is there a possibility that you could replace it or could I send it in for repair.

Thank you
Marvin Hlavac
Your USB GPS-500 Microsoft/Pharos receiver should work just fine with any version of Streets and Trips, and with many other programs, too.

When was it last used? Has it been sitting unused for several weeks? Sometimes people think there is something wrong with their GPS receiver, when in fact the unit is perfectly fine, but it was simply not being used for extended time period. If that's the case, simply connect the USB GPS receiver to your laptop, and let it try to acquire satellite signal fix. It may take up to a half an hour in some cases. Just make sure the receiver is out on the open, able to see the sky in all directions.

People may experience the same issue when they travel long distances with their GPS receiver turned off. For example if a GPS receiver is shipped from North America to Europe, the receiver may take up to half an hour to start working for the first time. In this case the receiver thinks it is at the previous location some place far away. In the case when receivers are not used for a long time, their internal rechargeable battery gets discharged completely, and the receiver doesn't remember where it was when last used.
I used it all the time and all of a sudden it stopped working. It's not because it wasn't being used, it's just not working. And I am using it in Canada. The blue light inside doesn't even come on. Would you kindly let me know if I could have it checked somewhere ? Is there a web site or an address where I could send it to have it checked with Microsoft or have it replaced?
Thank you.
Did you ensure all the connections are secure?
Did you try another USB port?
Did you plug the GPS in direct to a USB port to ensure your extension cable isn't faulty?

Ken in Regina
To support what Terry is suggesting, my cable that came with the Pharos 500 has always been flakey. If I use the cable, I have to be very careful to make sure everything is just so or the blue light won't come on. Plugging it in directly to a USB port without the cable will prove whether it's the receiver dead or just a bad cable.

If the receiver is dead and it's out of warranty it is probably going to be much cheaper to just buy a new one. The shipping costs to send it somewhere and get it back will likely be more than the cost of a new receiver, even if the repairs are free.

The best place to check for repair facilities and warranty coverage would be on the Pharos web site.

Marvin Hlavac
Very true about the cost of shipping making even a free repair deal unattractive. USB GPS receivers have become very inexpensive. You can get a very good one for about $30 USD these days.
I also have a GPS-500 that has failed and I mean it got me to a location and a few hours later when I started home, it would not work. It is the Pharos GPS-500 chip? that is part of the connected services receiver that does work. Older GPS receivers with Streets and trips were a little larger and will not plug into the same spot, and I have tried it with a friends older version of S&T and his cable. GPS is definitely bad. Have emailed Pharos to see if it can be replaced. Unit is just over a year old, very discouraging.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi GreybeardJR,

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My initial though was to suggest you to buy a different USB GPS receiver, but that wouldn't solve the whole problem since you are using the MSN Direct receiver for traffic and gas prices.

Let us know what Pharos has to say, when you receive their reply.
And as far as I can tell, only the 2008 was available with the "connected services".

I then purchased a life time subscription to the service, that will be wasted without the whole receiver.

Thanks for reply
Pharos replied that a replacement GPS will be $69.95 plus shipping. I can buy the entire package including sofware for that price on ebay.
Marvin Hlavac
If you find the "connected services" helpful, then perhaps buy it. If not, I'd suggest to just buy an inexpensive (yet very good) USB GPS BU-353 by Globalsat.
I might consider that, I have plenty of time. I use the GPS since my copilot passed away a few years back. I only use it for very local trips that I have a new address and then I use a cheap handheld, but when I really want the laptop GPS is when I am pulling my travel trailer across country, etc. My next long trip will not be until March and I was just getting around to putting in the laptop mount, ect, when this probl;em cropped up on a trial run. How inexpensive is the GPS that you suggest? Older versions of S&T with GPS are available for about $30.

Thanks for the reply and interest.
Marvin Hlavac
BU-353 is about $35 these days, so the $30 older Streets & Trips bundle seems more attractive.
Yeah, I found it for $36.95 (BU 353). Advantage of it is waterproof. I'll decide later.

Thanks again
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