No street names in Street Atlas 2009 when a Draw Layer used
Hello. I've been using SA2004, recently I upgraded to 2009. 2009 is much better, but heres the one problem i see.

I use many (MANY) draw layers for my job. SA2009 will not display the street name and address, if there is a draw layer on top of a road.

IN sa2004, i could hover my mouse over any road, and it would display the street address no matter how many draw layers were covering that road.
IN SA2009, the only way I can see the street address if its under a draw layer, is my clicking on the "info" tab/button.

That is a very tedious and time consuming process for my particular job.

Any suggestions?

This was a change that we made to the program. We have received feedback on it and have revisited the change in-house. We will return to the previous functionality either in a service pack or in the next release of Street Atlas USA.

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