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I don't know much about the other sites but I know a lot about POI-Factory I am Maryann Melby, the owner of POI Factory and wanted to just stop in and say hi to everyone. I was able to find your profile on our site and I can tell you that since your last visit in January of this year there have been a lot of changes.

I have removed all the camera locations that were in your area, I had some false reports that slipped in and I had to educate the public about the differences in equipment. I am much more thorough in my investigations of locations now and my data is much more accurate. I research each location before it is added and have a very large community of users that verify the info also.

POI Factory is growing fast, and we love having new visitors to our site. The red light camera file is the only item that we charge for, everything else is free, we have POI Files, icons and sounds, great discussions and wonderful people that can help you out with any problems that you may be having loading things to your GPS.
We also have an Active member program where you can earn access to the red light camera file for free by contributing to the community in 3 of the last 5 weeks. We are just a great group of GPS enthusiasts that work together to provide fun things to enhance your GPS unit.

Maryann Melby AKA Miss POI
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x2 - I just "re-discovered" the POI factory, and I like what I see there, and not just the enforcement camera POIs.
Ken in Regina
Have they added a notification feature at POI Factory yet, like POI Friend had? At POI Friend, if you downloaded a POI file you could check a box for automatic notification whenever an updated file was available. POI Factory did not have that feature so I stopped going there. I only need a small number of files and it gets old rather quickly checking for updates and finding none.

At the time, many of the large retail and motel/hotel chains seemed to provide regularly updated files at POI Friend but not POI Factory. This was particularly true of Canadian companies. POI Factory never had much Canadian content nor many "official" POI files provided directly by the companies.

Also, POI Friend provided the option to download either CSV or GPX. Since I'm mainly a Garmin user I found the GPX downloads more convenient. I don't recall POI Factory having that feature.

Perhaps I should go take another look.

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Quote: will be permanently shutting down its website on June 30, 2011. As a result, Tim Hortons will no longer be able to offer its restaurant list in a downloadable format for GPS systems. To find a Tim Hortons restaurant near you, or to use our Trip Planner to find restaurants along your route, please visit our Restaurant Locator. About