[Template] Old-style pushpins for Streets & Trips 2009 / MapPoint 2009
Here you go, attaching a zip file that contains 2 template files (ST09 & MP09). The pushpin images in these files were downloaded from the MS Download center

ST09 & MP09 Template files (v1).zip (EDIT: You may wish to scroll down to post #5 to download 2nd version of this file instead)
Marvin Hlavac
Gladwin, thanks much. . This is the easiest way to add the old-style pushpin symbols to the new version of Streets and Trips 2009, or MapPoint 2009.

1. Download the above file

2. Unzip it

3. Copy & paste the template to the following folder on your computer:
  • For users of Windows Vista, browse to ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\16.0\Templates
  • For users of Windows XP, browse to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\16.0\Templates
Thanks to toyfountain for the above correct folder locations. Further he writes: "Microsoft modified the location of the default template in S&T 2009. More information about this can be found in the help file. In Vista, ProgramData is a hidden folder. It needs to be made visible in the control panel file options."
From the help file of S&T 2009

To create a default template

  1. Create a new map or modify an existing map with the features you'd like to see each time you open a new map.(use the template so kindly provided by Gladwin).
  2. On the File menu, click Save as.
  3. In the Save As dialog box, click the arrow next to the Save as type box, and then choose Map template from the list.
  4. In the Save in box, browse to the following folder (depending on your operating system): (S&T 2009 with Vista openned to this directory by default when saving as a map template is selected. If it doesn't the ProgramData file is hidden by default in Vista.)
    • For users of Windows Vista, browse to ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\16.0\Templates
    • For users of Windows XP, browse to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\16.0\Templates

  5. Click New North American Map.stt.
  6. Click Save.
  7. When prompted about replacing New North American Map.stt, click Yes to replace the Streets & Trips default template with your map.
A useful set of templates.

Just a quick note: the above templates only have the symbols from MapPoint 2002 - not the additional symbols (flags, etc) that were introduced in MapPoint 2004.

Here you go, attached is a zip file that contains 2 template files (ST09 & MP09). This second edition includes many missing symbols from the first post - including colored flags! These pushpin images came from the 2004/2006 set.

ST09 & MP09 Template files (v2).zip (EDIT: You may wish to scroll down to post #10 to download 3rd version of this file instead -- v3 only available for S&T)
Thanks - I'll update the links from my "How do I get the old pushpins back?" article on my page.

Thank you Gladwin for the full PushPin template. I have one problem, however. When launching S&T 2009, I do get the old and new pushpins. That is just great! However, when I load an old S&T 2007 map, I do not get the original pushpins that I had on that map and the PushPin menu, only shows the original 2009 set.

Your anybody else help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Marvin Hlavac
HankSwat, I tested it, too, and yes, you are correct, older files will only contain new pushpins after the files are converted to new version. As a work-around, you could try the following method: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/978-easy-way-add-old-pushpins-streets-trips-2009-a
Thanks for the suggestion, but I am aggravated about having to jump hoops and spend a lot of time to get my older maps to be what they originally where. I feel that MS did a great disservice to their established customers when they wacked the pushpin menu. I also feel that they should rectify their mistake with a program update that works.

I'd like to point out that Larry's (Microsoft) post #5 with the revised push-pin set is still remiss of the alphabet pushpins.
The third version now with more alphabet but less Mappoint. Sorry I don't have Mappoint 2009 so I could only do the Streets and Trips template.

ST09 Template file (v3).zip

Marvin Hlavac

Great work.

By the way, I deleted the earlier posts to prevent confusion. The issue was my installation. All is OK now. Excellent work.
Thanks, jhinman for the template update. Now, we need someone to come up with a way that this template displays the added pushpins when converting a pre-2009 map. When converting a pre-2009 map, only the limited 2009 push-pin set displays in the menu and the map's pushpins are converted to a generic variety.

Hope that some programming genius can help here.
MapPoint 2009 has 46 pushpins in its SYMBOLS collection; however the 46th pin is not visible in the "Create Pushpin" drop-down list of pushpin symbols. The only way to assign this symbol to a dataset or to pushpin is programatically:

i.e. oMap.DataSets(1).Symbol = 45 (zero-based)

Anybody know why that is?
Here is a zip file containing all 336 pushpin images from MapPoint 2006.

Has anyone else noticed that all of the templates mentioned in this thread have SYMBOLS collections that contain not only the pushpins described, but also other images such as weather-related bitmaps which can be assigned to pushpins programatically, but do not appear on the "Create Pushpin" drop-down list?

Is there a way to remove these from the Symbols collection? They do not exist in the original New North American Map.ptt template. But if you simply start MapPoint and then click Save As and create a new template file (remember, we have done absolutely nothing to the pushpin list), quit out of MapPoint, MapPoint with the new template file, if you analyze the SYMBOLS collection, it will contain new records (again, not visible, but available programatically). It's as if the Save As Template routine always stuffs additional objects into the SYMBOLS collection.

Any thoughts?


Attached Files
File Type: zip MP06All336PushpinImages.zip (275.2 KB)

Thanks for the MP 2009 template. However, this template contains a lot of additional entries in the Symbols collection in addition to the MP2006 pins. When I open a map with this template (in a MapPoint.Application or using the MapPointControl object) and spin through the SYMBOLS collection, I come up with 467 elements.

Dim oApp as New MapPoint.Application
Dim oMap as MapPoint.Map
Dim i as Integer
Dim s as String

set oMap = oApp.NewMap("C:\Test\Larry.ptt")
For i = 1 to oMap.Symbols.Count
s = s & CStr(i) & " " & oMap.Symbols(i).Name & vbCrLf
Next i

'Display s in some multi-line textbox control to see the results

You will see that the 1st 45 elements are the pin symbols that come with MP 2009. The 46th element also is part of MP2009, but is not visible in the "Create Pushpin" drop down. Elements 47 through 96 have no names (they are images of a red "home plate" with white numbers 1 - 50) and again are not visible in the "Create Pushpin" drop down. Elements 97 - 156 are weather bitmaps (4 sets of 15 images). Finally, elements 157 - 467 represent most of the 2006 pins, but the pins are not in the correct order and 26 pins are missing.

Ideally, we should have a SYMBOLS collection that contains 382 elements (46 from MP 2009 plus 336 from MP 2006). The smallest collection that I can create contains 432 elements (46 from MP2009, 50 elements representing red "home plates" with white numbers 1-50, 336 elements from MP2006). I have attached that template to this post.
Attached Files
File Type: zip New North American Map(09plus06Pins).zip (26.2 KB)
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