[Template] Old-style pushpins for Streets & Trips 2009 / MapPoint 2009
Marvin, I finally got it to work. I tried that program earlier but thought it would also change the template file and typed in the wrong folder location. I finally put in the S&T folder location and it updated. Thank you for your help and patience.
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it worked!
I loaded S&T 2009 on my laptop yesterday. I then opened a map that I have over 6000 pushpins on (fortunately a copy). I was quite upset to see the change in the pushpins.
Why do they mess with something that works? I truly appreciate this forum. I have not added the template yet, but will report back when I do. Thanks
Originally Posted by Gladwin
Here you go, attaching a zip file that contains 2 template files (ST09 & MP09). The pushpin images in these files were downloaded from the MS Download center

ST09 & MP09 Template files (v1).zip (EDIT: You may wish to scroll down to post #5 to download 2nd version of this file instead)
Thank you for valuable information. Got pushpin set from 2007 S&T as a custom one for 2009 S&T. One problem with it, works 4 times slower. Do you know how to fix this problem?
Marvin Hlavac
The following is a quote from Eric's MapPoint Forums (www.mapforums.com):

Does anyone know if Microsoft will include the 2006 pushpins with the next release of MapPoint. I developed a post processing program for cellular test technicians and include MapPoint with my product. I am still shipping MP2006 because of the pushpin problem. I do not want my customers to have to use a "work around" to use MapPoint. Hopefully, someone at MS is listening!
I've heard a manager at Microsoft say they got the message about the Pushpins "loud and clear" so they are definitely listening. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if they did revert back to the MapPoint 2006 Pushpins and tack the new MapPoint 2009 Pushpins back on the end. However, we'll have to wait and see if/when they announce anything about the next version.
My company just got MapPoint and I was going to give everyone the template with updated pushpins. If I do that does it possible revert to the map data back to older data versus more up to date road data?
Originally Posted by farmy75
My company just got MapPoint and I was going to give everyone the template with updated pushpins. If I do that does it possible revert to the map data back to older data versus more up to date road data?
If you follow the proceedure for importing the complete set of Old-style pushpins, your will not change any of the 2009 map data.
Originally Posted by compwrench
It also occurs with a newly saved 09 .est pre replacement of template
Hi all; newbe here.
I also have discovered the same thing. I have a 2009 file that I created before I updated the template (with the complete set of icons). I needed some additional icons to differentiate between pushpin sets and figured that by changing the template I would have more icons to choose from. No luck, when I open this 2009 file, it only shows the original 09 icon set.

Do I have to import individual icons into the drawing to make them available?
Hi Marvin & all,
can your friend Larry provide a template with updated pushpins/icons for the European version of MapPoint 2009, as I also have the symbol problem. I have just upgraded from AutoRoute 2007 to MapPoint 2009 (we have no choice this side of the pond with the demise of AutoRoutes). I would be very grateful.
I just loaded the v3 template and noticed you are missing number 25 from the maroon circles with white numbers. I would never have noticed except I was numbering a set of 26 locations at the time.
Streets & Trips 2009 Template with missing 25 number
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Marvin Hlavac
Hi guys,

I just wanted to say that the new Streets & Trips 2010 no longer has pushpin issues. Please, find more details in the linked review.
Actually, it doesn't...sort of. I've found that Streets & Trips files created in ST2008 or before have their pushpins changed to those in ST2010 automatically, which may work fine for most. Unfortunately, I'm dealing with end-users that seem adament about keeping their pushpins completely the same as they were before, so I need to find, if possible, a way for the files to open in ST2010 without changing the pushpins. I've tried importing the old pushpins and saving a new New North America.sst template, but once I open the file saved from ST2008, the old pushpins disappear and the newer formatted pushpins only appear. Any ideas as to how I can get these files from ST2008 to open without the ST2010 version of the pushpins?
Hi Gristleizer,

Welcome to the forum!

You are correct. The 2008 fork and knife pushpin icon from your 2008 map file will turn into the 2010 version of the fork and knife.

Here is a tip for any adament end-users who need to keep their pushpins completely the same year after year: Use custom pushpin symbols

The custom pushpin images get saved as part of the saved map (.est) file and they'll look the same in all future versions.

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Thanks for the tips, Larry. However, I doubt think this workaround will gibe in my situation. I support one of the divisions within a large nationwide bank and have been put in charge of creating the custom installation package for Streets & Trips 2010 that will install the program with all the settings we want with as little downtime for the users as possible when converting to the new version. Many of these users have been using Streets & Trips for years and have not used custom pushpins in their saved .EST files, nor have they the time to import in these individual pushpin icons for each of their files. Ideally, I would like to know what (I don't know if Yves is still reading this forum) Yves' MPPushpins.exe file does to replace the default set of pushpins with the old ST2006 version of the pins. Is there a particular file that it replaces with an old version of the file from the previous version? If so, I would ideally like to have ST 2010, by default, detect the ST 2006 & before pushpins along with the new pushpins in new files and when opening the old files so that they don't lose any work time towards custom pushpinning each of their old EST files. Does this make sense? Anyone have any idea what MPPushpins changes and how to modify whatever file or files this program modifies to where it will naturally include the 2006 & 2010 pushpins whenever the program runs?
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