Bought a Tablet PC...
I purchased an X41 Tablet, reviewed here:

It cost me Canadian $584.97 which is just over $500 USD shipped with insurance. I had to buy an OEM docking station. It is a few years old. The total cost with a docking station was $584.00 USD shipping & insurance.

It should arrive in the next few days from Markham, Ontario

He is pretty entertaining in another review he says ultimate battery test is when he can make it on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

-How long does your battery last? I'm hoping this one does pretty good as it comes with an 8 cell version supposed to be good.

-I wanted to know do you regularly use keypad and touchscreen at the same time?

-Any tips, tricks, or major differences you have noticed between a regular notebook and a tablet thusfar?


Marvin Hlavac
Greg, congrats on your purchase.

I have a similar unit, HP tx2000 convertible laptop / tablet PC. I'm very happy with it. I only have the standard battery, which lasts about two and a half hours, or less. But that's sufficient for my needs. While driving, it is plugged to a charger, so I seldom rely on the battery anyway.

The touch screen is a nice to have feature. I'm a keyboard person, so I could happily live without the touch screen, but since it is there, I occasionally tap on some of the big Garmin Mobile PC buttons.

The main feature that I like about it, is the small size (12" screen). I think this is perfect size for my needs. It's not too big.
However, the X41 only has an active digitizer. It does not have a touchscreen. The first thing you should buy is a replacement stylus, because it turns into an ordinary laptop if you lose it.

The Tablet functionality works best when you're not using the keyboard, i.e. when it's covered up in slate mode. The angle in clamshell mode isn't very conducive to writing on the screen.
I did not know that, well if that's the case I will have to sell it then. I'll just continue to use this X31, oh well.
Try it first, before you give up on it. Even though you have to use a stylus, it is still nice to be able to just point to something on-screen. It's faster than using a touchpad or pointing stick, because of the one-to-one coordination between what you see and where you point.
Marvin Hlavac
Great point about the active digitizer, Tao. I wasn't even thinking about that, because my HP tx2000 has both, active digitizer and also touch.
The X41 is supposed to be an excellent tablet. I would certainly check to see if the digitizer meets your needs before getting rid of it. I also have an HP tablet like Marvin's. The touch screen is great but the digitizer is nice too. I think the X41 screen should be brighter than the HP.

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