Streets and Trips 2009 destroyed all my pushpins
Hello everybody,

I have just download the 2009 version(60 days trial) and God thanks I did not buy it first.
It seems that I will stick forever with 2007 version because the 2009 version destroyed all my pushpins added with a lot of efforts. Two years I added manually hundreds of POI and I can say that there is not any other map like mine. No bragging but Iím a truck driver and I need some specific POI. The 2007 was not perfect but was excellent. Now with 2009 my "excellent" map is looking like a 5 years old kid played with.

I can prove that posting my 2007 map and 2009 map.

My old map got all the Flying J, Pilot, Loves, TA, Petro and hundreds of other truck stops, then all the rest areas, low bridges, hundreds of scales (for trucks), all the Wal-Mart Supercenters, and a lot of places for truck parking. Also my 2007 map included Canada POI (truck stops, scales, parking places etc).

More than that is missing very important things. Where is "undo and redo" buttons (I don't want to go edit then start playing....I rather drive then clicking 10 buttons to get what I want). Why the bar who is showing what should I do next is still half of the screen? (Really guys, what is that for??? for "keep right on ramp" I don't need to have half screen occupied by that stupid bar. Very important : the pushpins are just few now.... it was such a big deal to pure and simple let everything there? Who was upset by the multitude (very useful) of pushpins? On the night mode the same lack of imagination on creating colours.... \on night mode I don't know where the actual segment is ending and where is starting the next one. The whole trip has the same colour. And there are more observations but Iím so disappointed that I need some time now to uninstall the 2009 and install again the 2007.
I tried to find the place where I can remove the automatic rerouting option but with no success.
OMG guys, after so many promissions of how good will be the new version Iíve got a big big bluff.

For any trucker interested in having an excellent map with US and Canada almost everything please feel free to contact me and I will give it to you for free. And I swear that I have worked for this map two years. Every single pushpin from the map is checked by myself and tested also. Canada is not "no-mans-land" no more. The only thing is that is with 2007 version.
For me that map is everything and as I say in early posts here : the first thing Iím doing when I wake up is start the laptop and S&T and the last thing Iím doing before to go to bad is turning of laptop and S&T.
I'm probably one of the heaviest users of S&T and this 2009 version killed me.

Respect guys,

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by Moose_Master
The first thing I’m doing when I wake up is start the laptop and S&T and the last thing I’m doing before to go to bed is turning off laptop and S&T. I'm probably one of the heaviest users of S&T and this 2009 version killed me.

1. The main thing is that you still have your back up 2007 file!

2. Old-style pushpins can be added by replacing the template. The template can be downloaded, and instructions are posted, in the following thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1032-template-old-style-pushpins-streets-trips-2009-mappoint-2009-a
  • Add the new template to Streets & Trips 2009
  • Import any of your own custom symbols to S&T 2009, and then save the new file as template
  • and then try to import your S&T 2007 file again
3. I'm sure very many people would appreciate if you would share your file. If you wish, start a new thread, and upload the S&T 07 file for truckers as an attachment.

Thanks for the fast answer but i cannot do that trick with templates. I've tried but is not working. I mean is working to have the old pushpins but not into my old map. When I'm trying to open my old map is asking to convert blah blah and then after opening the pushpins are the new ones not the old ones?
Marvin Hlavac
Moose, if you could e-mail me your 2007 file, and also the image files of your custom pushpins (Flying J, Pilot, Loves, TA, Petro, etc), I could attempt to convert it to version 2009. It may take me a few days, though, because the 60 day trial already expired on my main laptop, so I will have to do it on my daughter's PC. (S&T 09 is not in stores yet in Canada, as far as I know). E-mail address: info (at) laptopgpsworld (dot) com

I will send my old (2007) map in few seconds. The pushpins are just the regular pins (before 2009) so no other specific pins. After i will see my map in 2009 version like I was used to see it, I will open a new thread and I will post it for all the truckers and why not for everybody wants it. And will be for absolutely free. Is it my work (my hard work) and I can share my work with the whole planet if I want so; so we will not do illegal things here.

Thanks again

I have also loaded the new template, which did bing in all the pushpins from the 2007 map. It works great when I open a new map the new pushpins are there and all, but when I open a map saved in the 2007 version which has all my pushpins in place the program wants to convert it. That's the only option - so I convert and all my colorful pushpins and circles and squares turn into the new 4 color pushpins and one colored circle. The imported 2007 pushpins are not longer an option - they're gone. Even though they're still in the program (proved by opening the program and a new map). If anyone can help open a saved 2007 map in 2009 and keep my pushpins I would be VERY appreciative!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Cherie,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Moose sent me his file, and I was able to play with it a bit. When an older version file is opened in Streets & Trips 2009, even if the S&T 2009 uses the template with all pushpins, the old file will only show new-style pushpins.

However, I suspect in many cases this will only take a few minutes to correct. After you have opened an old file in new S&T 2009, do the following:
I have tested it in Microsoft MapPoint 2009. It worked just fine with the file Moose sent me. As soon as I'm able to, I will do it on Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009, too, and then I will e-mail the file back to Moose.
I have tried two different ways to add the old pushpin set in S&T2009. One way is to add the pushpin set using the microsoft proposed method. If i remember correctly, this is only adding new custom pushpins similar as the previous S&T2007 version, but they are not in the default pushpin region (probably this caused problem when using an old S&T file that expect the old complete pushpin set).

But another user in this forum has reported another method that i think may solve this problem. He has made an .exe tool that patch S&T2009. I have tried this other method myself and this replaced the actual 2009 complete pushpin set with the previous 2007 pushpin set in one single operation, so in other terms, it turns back exactly like it was in the good old days. I am guessing that if you import your old map file with 2009 modified with old pin set in this situation, it will see old pushpins in your map correctly because with my eyes, it looks exactly like it was before. But when using microsoft method, if i remember correctly, you have to add the pushpins one at a time and they are not in the default pushpin icon zone, but they are simply added similar as if you are adding some customs pushpins yourself.

i didn't try myself to see if this correct the problem, but give it a try, it may help a lot...

Here is the tool download area, so you don't have to search for it. Close S&T, run this tool and then open S&T2009 and you will see that the default pushpin set is like the goold old days (S&T2006 and 2007 version)
Marvin Hlavac
So if I understand you correctly, you have solved your dilemma.
hi i am new to this forum as a member (i went here a lot to look at all the wonderful reviews of softwares you have, but decided to finally register), so hi everybody! i am also a truck driver and i was wondering about 3 things.

1- the pushpins you are talking about in this thread is for the united states or canada ? i need the pushpins for canada.

2- can any of you give me the link to the post where i can download the file and import it in my s&t 2009?

3- i was wondering if we can edit the map to <add> a new route since s&t is not really 100% up to date. i know some other softwares allow to to draw lines so you can add streets, but i don't know if i can do it with s&t.

thanks a lot,
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