Too many laptop GPS software choices!
Hey all, I found this forum a few hours ago, it looks like there will be a lot of good info on here.

A little about what I am doing...I am going on a road trip with my wife to California next week and would like to set my laptop up to be a GPS guide. I have GPS on my phone, but would like something larger. I will be using my phone for GPS and internet connection while I am out.

I would like software that does traffic, and preferably a search to find a restaurant or gas prices close to my current location. Weather would be nice too. Any ideas?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi owriderdog37,

:welcome: to the forums!

Garmin Mobile PC would I think give you weather and gas prices, but unfortunately there is not enough time for you to order it and receive it before your trip next week. The only choice I can think of is the free downloadable 60-day trial version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009. Click the link for a review and download instructions. About