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Bring back rewind/foward arrows to undo/redo operation
In version 2007, there were rewind and foward arrow buttons that allow to return in previous views similar as a browser buttons, these buttons were very usable when planning for a trip (when you have to play a lot with the maps and views). Yes there is the undo/redo function in the menu, but it cannot recover to a previous map view after an operation (zooming, panning, etc), like it was possible with arrow buttons...
I used the back arrow when doing Find Nearby Places and the map flips to some other point. I could Back to the view I had and highlight the point again.
The way I do route planning, the loss of the Back feature is a deal-breaker.

What ever would posses Microsoft to remove a feature like that.

So I am still stuck in 2007 - I never upgraded to 2008 because of the problems others had with it ceasing to work without explanation.

I wish MS would either start taking the product seriously or sell it to some other company who will.

Steve Jones
Ken in Regina
Others have mentioned that there is a way to install 2009 and then just use the new maps with your older version of S&T.

Marvin Hlavac
The new Streets & Trips 2010 brings back the back/forward functionality.
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