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Add an easy way to remove avoid area
When i am using a lot avoid area, sometimes i need to remove one of them easily. The technic of right clicking the avoid area zone and deselecting avoid area in the context menu is working, but sometimes not easy to do. If the zoom level is not adequate and the avoid area zone is heavily crowded with POI and streets, it is usually almost impossible to right click and select only the avoid area zone. You can try many times with the mouse and always click on something else (you need to zoom in closely and then right click on an empty zone (with no street and nothing else) to select the avoir area correctly.

I was thinking of a way to select by drawing a rectangle just sligtly bigger than the avoid area and then with a context menu having a choice to "remove the avoid area", similar as what you are doing when you want to draw one. This would be much more easier to do
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