Finding the Cursor while using Streets & Trips on the road
Marvin Hlavac
A user writes:

Is there a way to change the graphic used to pan the map? I would like it bigger and change color depending on the background.
You could try to change mouse properties in your Windows Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse).

Pointer options

* First I would suggest to try to just enable: Visibility - Display pointer trails

* If the above is still not enough, you could try to go to the Pointers tab. Change to different style pointer (larger size, etc).

* If that still doesn't do it for you, then you may try to search for 3rd party freeware applications which change mouse pointers.) Does anyone know a good one?)
I like the Show location of pointer when I press CTRL key. At least it helps to find it when driving if it must be used or when it's sunny outside. Maybe a new pointer might be added to the wish list for the next version of Microsoft Streets and Trips?
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We have a Motor Home and LOVE Streets and Trips 2010 with the Mega File. My wife has a problem once in a while finding the "Cursor". Anyone have any ideas how she can find it easier? Is there a download she can use to make it brighter, bigger, different color?

Thanks Lee
Lee, it is not a S&T issue but rather an operating system issue.

What O/S are you using?

If you are using Windows 7, you can change the cursors. Right-click somewhere that is unoccupied on your desktop and that will open a drop-down box from which you can select "Personalize". When you click on that an explorer window will open. On the left, there will be "Change mouse pointers". Click on that and select whatever set of pointers you prefer.
Marvin Hlavac
Change mouse pointer color and size

Lee, Windows lets you change also the size (normal, large, extra large) and color (white, black, inverted, etc) of your mouse pointer.
Thanks I knew it was not a S&T's issue however I knew I would get na answer here... Yes, she does have Windows 7, and I will show her what ya guys said... Thanks again.

I wish I could change it to florescent orange, Hmm maybe I can... Thanks again.
One thing you can do is activate the CTRL key option in Mouse Properties>Pointer Options. Then momentarily pressing the CTRL key will draw a circle around where the cursor is presently located. Makes it pretty hard to miss!

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Ken in Regina
I use Terry's method. That way I don't end up with some ugly huge cursor and I can find it easily by just tapping the CTRL key. I have that mouse option set on all my computers. It also works on my netbook and laptop when I'm using the touchpad.

This has been an option in all versions of Windows as far back as I can remember (not that far at my age! ).

Google for XsX alpha blended cursors. They are a nice size, not too large , blue, purple, red or orange. I have been using them for years with S & T.

Well, here's the link:
Beautiful XsX Alpha Blended Cursors :: TinyHacker

The site really didn't have any commentary... But, there does seem to be a good bit of commentary on the google search... I just found it somewhat odd that their own site didn't tell me much. Also, the site wanted to run an add-on... Of what nature, I do not know...

YouTube seems to have various tutorials on how to make your own cursors. Here's one:
laptopgpsworld.com About