GlobalSat BU-353 compatibility with DeLorme Street Atlas?
Hi everyone,

I've been a long time user of Delorme SA and i recently bought a CoPilot Truck 11 + Globalsat BU-353.
I would like to use the BU-353 GPS receiver with both softwares since my version of the SA is an older 2005 which came with a less performant receiver.
Can anybody please tell me if it's doable and eventually what do i need to do?
Thank you,

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Andrei,

Yes, absolutely, it is possible. Both, ALK CoPilot, and DeLorme Street Atlas, will work just fine with GlobalSat USB BU-353 GPS receiver. There is nothing special that needs to be done to make it work.
Thanks for the welcome and the reply to my question, Marvin.
As is the receiver it's not recognized by Delorme, i suppose either is incompatible or i need to enable it somehow.
From the SA GPS options tab everything it's set to start the receiver when i start the SA, so i think either it needs something else (like proprietary Delorme drivers) or it's just not happening with such an old version.
I'm thinking about getting the 2009 version in the hope that the roads are a little more updated.That is my main concern with most navigation software, none of the ones i've used were up to date as far as i could tell.
Marvin Hlavac
I cannot say for older versions, but DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 had no issue recognizing my BU-353, or any other NMEA-compatible GPS receiver I tried. See the attached image for my configuration:


Does your BU-353 work with any other GPS software? If not, then perhaps the software driver may need to be (re)installed.
Thanks Marvin, I'll try that.

The 2005 SA is the only one I have beside the new Copilot. In 2003 I started using the laptop GPS softs available at the time as I was driving door to door to pick up and deliver cars with a stinger and liked best SA grafics vs Microtsoft S+T or Rand Mcnally, wich were also available at the time, and also tried.

SA served me well over the years, and since I owned 2003/2004 and 2005 versions, and not noticing any real improvement on the map updating, and I was not very interested in points of interest except maybe as a landmark if I didn't buy any newer version.

I think though that the GPS market has evolved a lot since then, and maybe it's time for me to get a better version.

I was kind of disappointed with the Truck 11. The time required to set up a trip, the fact that it takes several cliks to edit it, the routing algorithms don't seem the brightest, the dated map especially, anyway many little things that add up and make me still use mostly SA 2005.

I also have a Rand McNally Route Tools which is for truck designated routes, and has served me well and still does, so all in all I'm not impressed with the CoPilot. It's OK, but nothing I have expected it to be.

I don't mind spending the dough, as long as I get what I want, and probably for a little over 200$ (GPS Receiver included), it's a fair deal, but I'm still looking for something better.
Fantastic site. We had no problem using the BU with either DeLorme or Co Pilot, but it did require the driver which came with the antenna/receiver.

I mounted it on top of our RV rooftop ac unit and routed the cable through the unit into the RV, works very well. With the outside receiver we have never lost the signal and get at least two more satellites compared to the dash antenna.

The USB adapter cable connection at the antenna end did become unreliable quickly but this may have been my own fault as I did not use the heat shrink immediately, I soldered the connections and all is well.

Now if I could only find a program that works as good...

Good grief I confused the topic at hand. I have a MR350, sorry.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi kft,

Yes, MR350, or BU-353, or most other USB GPS receivers should work just fine with DeLorme Street Atlas (or most other laptop GPS software). Mounting a receiver on the roof is the best, if possible. The extra one or two satellites you connect to, may not make any noticeable difference in most situations, but when you find yourself in a big city downtown, among tall buildings, the difference may be very noticeable.
Marvin, the dash antenna worked quite well however a momentary loss of signal was noticed on a regular basis. With the MR350 not only is the signal rock solid but we also get two more satellites AND my wife does not miss the extra dash clutter.

My only advice for anyone who gets one is to use the cable heat shrink immediately, if someone else is having a connector problem just be done with it and solder the connections; as I recall the yellow wire on the antenna end is unused so just drop it and don't be concerned about the cable shielding braid but DO remember to solder the silver grounds together.

I have an awful lot of posts to read here, love this place.
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