Disable Screen Saver while Streets & Trips running
How can I keep the map showing without it going into a blank screen save mode and turning off the display.

Thank You
If you are running the Streets & Trips 09 version then "Try the 'Temporarily disable Windows screen saver while GPS is running' option under Tools - Options menu"

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Marvin Hlavac
Tom, this is a new feature in Streets & Trips 2009 ; you will not find it in older versions. If you are still using an older version, you may consider upgrading.

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And the cost of this new software?
Marvin Hlavac
Free for 60 days. Cost, just like previous Microsoft Streets and Trips versions, $39.95 US MSRP; dealers may sell for less.
I have Streets and Trips 2007. Where is the window and how do I get to that to disable it?

Thanks in advance

What happens if, after reviewing 2009 I choose to just keep running 2007. Is it gone forever??
Hey Tom,

During installation just be sure to check the "Keep Previous Version" checkbox and both versions can live side by side.

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