Opinions on Laptop mounting systems in vehicles
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Maybe RAM Mount Expert has information on this apparent popular mount...
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
... I love www.ram-mount.com website for the way one can just enter year, make, and model of a car or truck, and available mounts are all displayed.
I'm afraid I can't give them very high marks. I tried my 2007 Honda CR-V and the mounts they suggest are impossible. My car happens to have a shifter right where they show the laptop mounted. There's no way you could use either of the mounts they recommend.

Even if the shifter wasn't inconveniently in the way, the mounts recommended would totally block everything on the centre dash -- audio system controls, climate controls and centre vents. You could fold the laptop screen down to clear the vents but the body of the laptop and mount platform still block everything else.

The site is a good idea but anyone using it should take a really careful look at the pictures on the suggestion page to be sure it's actually likely to work for them.

For our neighbors in the north, GPSCITY.ca Should be your best resource, they stock close to everything that we offer, and all of the popular best selling items. There might be every once in awhile that one odd item we make that no one else carrys that you will have to order form us, but sometimes you can work out a special order out with a dealer.

We are also about to release our consoles,
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Thanks RAM Mount Expert... can you advise if in fact the mount for the 06+ Impala is currently on "back order"??
From what i can see, no. I must apologize that one of our dealers never did get back to you.
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Yeah, I kinda figured that I was getting the "brush off" when they never replied to my "well, I'm not really in a hurry" email...
That is unacceptable. Again i am sorry. I would expect that GPS City should be able to fulfill your order with no problem.
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It is unfortunate that I can not deal with a business so close by, considering they are still currently advertising it on their Web Site... http://www.carterrv.com/crv/crviis.dll?mtd=products&part=RAM-VB-160-SW1

No mention of it being "special order" / "back order"... Meh... I'll be placing an order with GPS City in the near future I suppose...
I would like to know if RAM is considering a powered PDA mount for the recent iPaq 210 series PDA. I know they make them for previous versions and even HP hasn't come out with a cradle for this one. Is it being considered?

Tcassidy- Thank you for you question. We had received a lot of requests right when the PDA came out, and honestly i would love to see us come out with another powered mount. However we have seen the PDA maket take a big hit since the smart phone and iPhone market increase. We will not be making a powered mount for it because of this. We do have a passive cradle that works with it very well.
Thank you for the information. I am already using a passive mount supplied by Garmin modified to work with a RAM ball mount.

Ram Mount Expert, I'm looking at getting my Toughbook CF-29 mounted in a Nissan Xterra. I've looked at your ToughDock as well as other manufacturers and Panasonic OEM. To be honest, I've only seen the Gamber Johnson docks as a local PD uses them. And another guy had the RAM universal laptop mount, but it vibrated quite a bit while the vehicle was in motion. Is that normal with the three-leg universal mount?

FWIW, I'm currently using a ruggedized Lind DC adapter in the car.

Is there a dealer in the Toronto area I could take a look at the metal ToughDock?
I am not aware of a dealer in Toronto that you would be able to walk in and look at the metal dock. I have not heard of the RAM POD 3 having excessive vibration problems, but this could be the result of the type of install. How well the mount is anchored etc. I will include a link below to show you some more detail on the toughdock.

Not to crash the party here for manufactured solutions, but I am a tinkerer who just like to DIY.

Here is what I found:

If you are willing to spend some time and effort with a vise, pipe wrenches (or vise grips), and some elbow grease, a very good mount can be made in the following manner:

-Go to Home Depot / Lowes / Plumbing Supply House

-work from these photos (or buy their kit for $40)

-use ” iron pipe fittings to basically fashion a mount with pieces of pipe. Etc.

-The “base” is a flange that can hold a 1/2 “ pile

-Use combinations of 45 degree / 90 degree / vertical pieces to get the laptop to where you want it.

-Use a sheet of ” or ” plywood cut to slightly larger than the size of your laptop to set the laptop on. If your laptop weighs more than 5 lbs, use ”

-Attach the plywood to the pipe stand using another flange

-Use wood pieces on the “bottom” and if necessary sides to create a box like structure, taking care not to block any needed plugs, ports, etc.

-Get some foam (my source was a laptop shipping box) and line the contact areas with foam (i.e. on the “table top”, sides where the laptop makes contact.

-Use a ” or wider Velcro strap to wrap around the laptop onto the holder --- it is more than secure enough.

-Here are the interesting twicks:

-You can build a stand using a “quick release” with a coupling that joins pipes:

-Quick release should be mounted on the base where the mount “locks” to the vehicle chassis

-I have used this arrangement for 10,000 miles, and have never had a problem.

-Laptop and stand is easy to remove when not needed.
Marvin Hlavac
videonerd -- even though I live just north of Toronto, I ordered my RAM mount all the way from Alberta. Later I found out that Radioworld is a RAM Mount dealer, too. They are located on 4335 Steeles Avenue West, just east of HWY-400 here in Toronto. My guess would be that they indeed likely have nothing you could look at and touch, but according to their their website they do sell RAM Mount products.

d111 -- building one's own laptop vehicle mount may be enjoyable and rewarding. I just wish I were better with tools. But I've seen some nicely made home-made mounts. If you ever feel like it, and if the time permits, feel free to create your album here at the site, and add a few photos there, too. They will than randomly appear at the bottom of the home page, or people will be able to access them by viewing your member profile, or by clicking the All Albums link in the navigation bar on the top of every page.
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