Opinions on Laptop mounting systems in vehicles
Marvin Hlavac
What is the diameter of each suction cup? 6" tall and 6" wide for the whole thing seems like much smaller than what I was imagining. Is it really not bigger than that?

By the way, I cannot view the page of the new RAM-234-6. It redirects to an error page.
The diameter is that of our standard RAP-224-1U which is about 3.3"

There are some internal things that need to be updated tonight. Tomorrow you should be able to view and even order the tray. For now you can only view the product feature page.

It really is not that big. It is the size of a salad plate if you can imagine that.

It was stong enough to pick up my huge steel and wood desk...(which i am barley strong enough to lift by myself)
Ken in Regina
Marvin, it sounds like the suction cups are arranged in a triangle rather than lined up in a row. If each suction cup is a bit over 3" then the triangle would be nearly 7" on a side. Overlay that with a plate to capture the tops of the suction cups and connect a mount of some sort and it's probably not an awful impediment to your vision, depending upon where you can place it.

With a laptop you'll naturally need to position it somewhere near the horizontal centre of the windshield. How far up the windshield will depend on how much your windshield is angled. This mount would not work for me for two reasons. One is that my windshield is very angled and with a 6" thickness plus room to connect an arm to it it would have to be mounted halfway up the windshield. I would not be able to tuck it way out near the hood because it would be wedged too tight.

The other reason it wouldn't work for me is that I'm vertically challenged so I can't afford anything that's more than 0.5" higher than the dash.

Marvin Hlavac
This sounds actually good for me. I was visualising the triple suction cup mount to be much bigger than it really seems to be. Ken I know what you are saying, and I will most likely not use my HP tx2000 in the laptop mode, but rather I use it as a tablet PC.
The tx2000 looks so great in tablet mode and that also reduces the space used by the bottom info bar used by many mapping programs.


I would like to mount a laptop in my 2007 Nissan Xterra 2wd and I have been looking at the RAM No Drill mounts but the only ones I have found list as for Xterras only up to 2006. Does anyone know if they will work in the 2007 models? Thanks in advance.
Hi there!

I am looking at mounting an EEE PC 900 (netbook) to be both a Laptop GPS and a data acquisition tool for autocrossing (basically racing in big parking lots with a bunch of cones making an obstical course to drive as fast as possible).

I have two questions:
1. Do you have any pics of your mount in my car (2001 Honda S2000) so I can see how this fits in the car and if it obstructs any views or controls?

2. How well would it hold up to extreme and quick side to side G's that could get up in the 1.5-1.6G range.? (yes... those numbers are correct)

I do know for sure I will need something to keep the base and display in place as it will get tossed around pretty good. If needed I can provide video of what it looks like on the inside of the care during a run.


My Lowes / Home Depot Iron Pipe special is bolted to the floor via a flange using one of the bolts that hold the car passenger seat in place.

Using 1/2" tubing with a 6lb laptop, it is as stable as a rock as long as the pipes are tightened well and braced well.

For a EEE PC 900 (lightweight, 3-4lbs max), there shouldn't be any trouble.

You would probably want a fairly sophisticated shock / vibration isolation together with a tie down system that is a tad more secure than just 1/2" velcro strips (which is what I used) to handle normal car driving.

Good luck.

Very Soon!! I am also excited and very anxious. Check back on our site in about 2 weeks.

What you need to make the RAM POD 1 work with New Tray.




What are your suggestions for my question ~4 posts up?


Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dave, I'm not sure if RAM_Mount_Expert has access to some pictures of 2001 Honda S2000, but it indeed would be nice to see a laptop PC w/Ram mount setup in your car. I just quickly did a Google image search for the vehicle, and I came across a gorgeous blue interior jpeg. If you do decide to give it a go, please post some pictures.

2. How well would it hold up to extreme and quick side to side G's that could get up in the 1.5-1.6G range.? (yes... those numbers are correct)
My non-expert opinion would be to suggest to stay away from a suction cup base, but as long as you use the other options (e.g. the no-drill base), you should be fine. Again, this is just my guess based on my limited experience with the one no-drill mount I have used in a GMC 3500 (not a race car ).

Earlier this morning I noticed that the order page for the new "RAM UNIVERSAL LAPTOP MOUNT TOUGH TRAY II" was finally up and running: RAM-234-6. I also checked the availability at a local dealer's website, but there it was still marked as a "Pre-order", so I decided to just place my order via ram-mount.com. I also ordered an arm and a triple suction cup mount. I'm hoping it may be strong enough for my "large & heavy" 12-inch HP-tx2000 convertible (tablet / laptop). If the suction cup solution proves to be not suitable for my PC, I may actually consider giving my HP tx2000 to my better half, and buy myself something lighter/smaller (a netbook).

No pic on that RAM UNIVERSAL LAPTOP MOUNT TOUGH TRAY II page, do you know if there is one? Looks like a placeholder, but no pic.

Marvin Hlavac
Dennis, some pictures of the tray in various configurations are shown at the web site, however the page still, as of today (Feb 19, 2009), reads: "Price Coming Soon". That's the reason I posted a direct link to the order page in my previous post.
THE NEW TRAY WILL BE OUT VERY SOON! I AM VERY EXCITED. I have just received some demo units and they look awesome!
Marvin Hlavac
The new Tough Tray II is now available for purchase at many Ram Mount dealers. I ordered mine directly from Ram Mount, and Terry ordered his from GPS City. They are both scheduled to be delivered on Monday, March 9, 2009. I'm sure others have ordered theirs, too, so hopefully within a few days we should have some first impressions and pictures.

The following is a press release by GPS City (one of Ram Mount dealers)

Express Mounts, GPS CITY To Offer New Vehicle Mount For Netbooks

Mounting solution will allow netbook owners ease of use inside their vehicles.

Las Vegas, NV -- March 7, 2009 -- Express Mounts, a division of GPS CITY, is proud to announce a new style mount aimed specifically at users of netbooks. The introduction of the Tough Tray II is as a result of increased consumer demand for smaller, highly portable laptop computers, also known as netbooks.

The creation of the Tough Tray II mounting cradle will serve as the newest inter-vehicle mounting solution for this type of laptop. With the addition of a base and mount of the users' choosing, the new cradle will allow users to attach their netbook securely to their dash, window or at their side. In addition to fitting consumer oriented netbooks, it will also be compatible with "tablets" -- customized touch screen laptops generally used by law enforcement.

Vice President of Operations Brenton Wingard foresees a strong demand for the Tough Tray II. "In tough economic times, Netbooks are just what people need -- since they're so affordable, they'll become increasingly attractive to consumers. And because of their portability and range of applications, our mount will logically become a necessity."

The innovation behind products like the netbook mount is what Wingard believes continues to drive the success of Express Mounts. "Yes, we currently sell mounts for laptops, but this addition to our product line is representative of our ability to quickly and efficiently adapt our product base to meet consumer demand," he says. He adds that should the highly anticipated -- but still speculative -- Apple version of a netbook be released, Express Mounts will "be able to immediately provide a mounting solution for it" as well.

Express Mounts is one of the top mount suppliers in the US, providing direct sales and service to the consumer, industrial and government sectors. To date, the company has sold custom crafted mounts to the US State Department, the FBI, the United States Military and hundreds of local and state agencies. Their strong focus on customer-service has made them one of the most trusted and recognized mount providers in the US.
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