Opinions on Laptop mounting systems in vehicles
I have had a lot of face time with this new tray already and it is great! Very easy to assemble, install, and user friendly.

-Fits most net books, tablets, UMPC's, even keyboards
-Low cost universal mounting solutions available
-Lifetime warranty
-Made in USA quality
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, but I'm not sure about the "easy-to-assemble" part, though. The tray arrived without assembly instructions. My unit must have been one of the very first ones shipped, and I understand this is a new product, so the manual might have not yet been created. I trust that later shipments will include instructions. However, in the mean time I'm sitting here quite frustrated, being unable to figure our where the two included springs are to be attached.
You are correct, we might have shipped out the first couple of systems without instructions. Please send me a quick email and i will forward you the document detailing the assembly.
Marvin Hlavac
A quick e-mail has been sent. Feel free to forward it to any of my e-mail addresses, eg. info (at) laptopgpsworld (dot) com.

I wouldn't mind a copy of that instruction sheet as well, RAM Mount Expert. I picked up my Tough Tray today and - no instructions! If Marvin can't figure it out, I'm not even going to try!

Marvin Hlavac
Actually, Terry, I was secretly hoping you would figure out where to place the two included springs, and then you would let me know .

It seems a bit different design from the old big universal laptop tray, and I just give up. I spent an hour yesterday, and another half hour today, but without much luck.
I just ordered one of the Tough Tray II's for use with my eee PC.

I'll post a quick report when it shows up
Marvin Hlavac
Gearhead_42, welcome to the forum and thanks, I'm looking forward to reading your first impressions. I will post mine, too, but it may still take me about a week. I still had to order some additional RAM Mount parts yesterday, as my setup will be a bit unusual.
Hey there. Just ordered a ram mount from GPSCity online. It is for my Ford E150 van for my heating and air conditioning company. Thought I would try an alternative to my home made stand. Thanks for all the past discussions on laptop mounts.
I purchased a Ram Mount for my 2001 Chrysler Town and Country this past Monday. It shipped today and I eagerly await its' arrival. I plan to take install photos to be posted here.

Thank you for your kind words. Please let me know when you post the pictures so I can have a look.
Originally Posted by natodd
I installed the Ram Mount Tough Tray kit in my van yesterday
See my post on this for the photos.
Hey I want to mount my laptop into my Mini Cooper 2009, will the latest mount work? Also how much space would it take away from the passengers side since the Mini is already small I dont want to take anymore space.
For awhile we were offering the RAM-VB-159NR-SW1 for the Mini Cooper, but rumor was that it does not fit the 2009. We however have not confirmed this because we do not have one in house, or the demand to get one in here.
Hi RAM Mount Expert,

I am looking to get a mount for my Kohjinsha SX3 hybrid tablet PC. Obviously, the name is not listed in the 'known' list of netbooks/tablets on your webs site and I need some help. The dimensions are close the Gigabyte's M912X but not quite identical: 9.1" x 7.5" x (0.86" - 1.29"). It weighs 2.8 lb. I need something that can hold my netbook and allows me to use it as a laptop or as a tablet (for that it needs to rotate 180 degrees if not 360 around the vertical axis - or perpendicular per the keyboard's plane). If it's not too heavy for the shield mount with suction cups - 2 or 3 - I'd go with that. If not, the screwless mount will do. I just want to make sure I get something that will work fine.

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