Opinions on Laptop mounting systems in vehicles
Is there a mount for a laptop which we can use in our Ford E450 rv which will give the dw unrestricted access to the rear of the motorhome?

All I have seen, whether mounted to the engine doghouse or seat frame appear as those access to the coach would be severely impeded.
Gene Scott
I'm a new guy. Can someone tell me if they have tried the RAM Tough Tray II with an 8.9" Acer Aspire One?
I have a Honda Accord 1995 4 door. I am looking for a mount & support which might fit both my HP TouchSmart TX2Z (12.1")and my Asus EEE PC 901 (8.9"). I am trying to do this for around $100 or less. IS it possible? What can someone recommend? Thanks
I use my laptop w/ S&T in my F-150. The first mount I had was a desk I made from plywood that sat on the passenger seat. The vibrations destroyed the hinges on my laptop. I bought a newer laptop and bought a Ram-Mount.
I have been using the Ram-Mount for a few years now, I love it. I highly recommend the Ram-mount to everyone....
( It's a shame I can't use it on my Harley )

Ron (Florida)
Here's mine, I love it....laptop-driver.jpg

I finally broke down and ordered the Ram-Mount laptop mount for big trucks (Freightliner). I ordered the one that slips under the seat without actually removing it. Sad part is that it won't be delivered until next Monday afternoon, and I always have to leave out on Sunday.

Guess it'll sit there in it's box waiting on me.

I'll probably order the different side tabs that are flat, to allow me to close the laptop completely. May also order the stay-in motion (or something like that) kit as well, just have to see how it does.
zation cosign
Have not read the whole thread. Just mounted gps in my car. Had been using a 12.1 inch ten year old toshiba with ram mount, but this 2.5lb 10.1 inch compaq makes things a little more flexible.

I was able to use a smaller lighter ram ball mount and after a little brainstorming while staring at the dash Ifinally took precise interior dimensions of the little key/glove/knicknack/loosechange/knockout-for-larger-radio cubby in the middle of the dash and went downstairs and made an exact plug for it out of pine wood on the bandsaw. It was slightly tapered inward, and angled downward... just perfect. I mounted the base of my Ram mount on the face of it, glued a thin cloth lining onto the wood surfaces, and painted it all black.

So the ram mount base is attached to a roughly 5 x 5 x 1.5 inch block of wood that snugs securely into the former cubby beneath my radio. I think most cars have some verson of this, but mine happened to be ideally situated. The computer, aluminum plate base on the ram mount with velcro tabs on it for the computer, Ram mount and wood block (kinda like a dasboard root canal) just slide into the cubby. I can zip the computer off of the plate to remove it or I can simply slide the whole affair out of the cubby and place the lot in the trunk or back seat. There were no modifactons to the car at all. Very steady mount. The mounted screen is adjustable so that the screen is as close to my steering wheel (line of vision) as practical without obstructing hand movement on the wheel, and the top of the screen is level with line of sight across the top of the dash.

I mentioned in another thread that I placed 3/16 dia fuzzy velcro adhesive dots on the fn/screen-bright/zoom/F/J/up-arrow keys so that I could locate them in the dark while keeping eyes on the road.
I'm new to RAM mounts and I am looking at the RAM-VB-138ST2-SW1 for my 2008 Highlander. I have the following questions...

1. Where does the vertical pole comes up from the floor. Is it close to the center console? Is there any adjustment such that it can be as close to the center console as possible?
2. Does the mount move forward and back with the seat or does it remain stationary? Passenger use and comfort is important.
3. Does the base protrude forward of the front edge of the seat very much? From the pictures it looks like it would be in the way of the passengers feet.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you for your question.

The RAM Laptop Mount is very adjustable and if you wish to have the Tele-Pole closer to the center console you can simply add this item.

Part Details

The base plate in most installations is attached to the floor boards so when the seat moves the mount will not move with it. RAM has taken steps to allow for passenger comfort so you should not have to worry about this.

I hope this helps out in your decision making process.
Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
Hi d111,
Your link to the item on eBay was broken so here's a good version of it:
That link has expired. Anybody take screenshots or save a copy of the page?

I have thought about getting a laptop mount in my car. However, it tends to be quite invasive. I am not a "handy-man" and the cost of these mounting systems can be pricey. I also dont have to worry about damaging something during the installation process or attracting a thief to break into my car to take my laptop.

While I appreciate the speed at which these laptops process navigation and map rendering, in fact, there is no comparison between a portable GPS, I have elected to forgo the laptop mounting idea altogether.

If I am travelling, I will use a stand-alone GPS. I will also bring my laptop with S&T already installed. I also have my Garmin Maposurce s/w on there too. If I need to access certain info not available on my GPS, I'll turn on my laptop and use that. I would also enter the co-ordinates onto my GPS if my s/w is outdated on that unit too.

While the above method certainly isn't the most efficient, it is cost effective and safer. Decent GPS units can be had for less than $150. After you use a GPS in your car, you're not likely to want to use your laptop.

And let's not forget that mounted laptops may be considered illegal in some states and provinces, just like using a cell phone without a headset or handsfree device.
Marvin Hlavac
... and I've been always telling people the exact opposite: After you use a laptop for GPS navigation, you're not likely to want to use a little PND.

Of course, this is every person's own preference based on needs and wants.

RAM is not the manufacturer of the cheapest mounts, but they are of decent quality. There are less expensive solutions, too, and they may be just as good.
While I use a magellan gps in the car, I would love to mount my laptop and use it instead. I use a Ram mount in my Econoline work truck and it is fantastic. Only laptop gps for me. I do use my laptop in the car for trips though. All the travel info is in it and always ready.
Originally Posted by zation cosign
...I finally took precise interior dimensions of the little cubby in the middle of the dash and went downstairs and made an exact plug for it... I mounted the base of my Ram mount on the face of it, glued a thin cloth lining onto the wood surfaces, and painted it all black. So the ram mount base is attached to a roughly 5 x 5 x 1.5 inch block of wood that snugs securely into... the cubby.
Wow, I LOVE this idea for finding a place to mount your toys without mangling the car's finish, or unbolting seats.

It's currently the middle of the night here, but I'm having a hard time stopping myself from going to the garage with a measuring tape.

I'm wondering if those non-slip rubber cloths (like the ones sometimes found lining tool trays or shop drawers) or self-adhesive little rubber feet would be a good idea to improve the mounts' holding power? I'm thinking the leverage from the weight of the laptop itself would keep this mount where it ought to be most of the time.
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