Opinions on Laptop mounting systems in vehicles
There's a difference between USING (typing) and USING visually !

I don't recommend ANYONE typing email or chatting going down the road w/ a laptop - but at the same time there is NO difference in USING my laptop as a visual guidance system/GPS than a single purpose Garmin/Tom-Tom etc.
I've traveled in 45 of the 50 states with my notebook on and by my side and never encountered any problem with Law Enforcement Officers. The GPS puck was plainly visible, but my notebook screen was always lower than the windshield. I opine any device that obstructs the driver's view thru the windshield will attract attention from the law and I doubt they will present the ticket to the device. That includes my friction mounted Garmin 255W. Obviously, inputting data in any device is dangerous while driving a vehicle.
I drive all of North America. I've had a 7" display mounted to my dash for at least 5 years now. Have never had a problem.
I agree, my laptop when mounted in my F350 is partially above dash - but it does NOT obstruct my view out any windows or mirrors.

Here's a bit of interesting info that will make you go WTF...

VIRGINIA has a law that no objects can be suspended from your rear view mirror - that means things like TASSELS (remember how it was cool to hang your cap/gown graduation TASSEL from your mirror)... ILLEGAL in VIRGINIA, include AIR FRESHENERS, too...

They'll pull you over for that - but not a GPS stuck suction cupped to the windshield!
Haha - I am a University of Virginia alumnus - class of 1971. That is not a new law... I think it was 1968 when I was pulled over in Virginia for having one of the little pine tree air fresheners hanging from my rear view mirror.
Yeah, there have been a few revisions to the law - most recently in 2003 (originally 1960) - but it's gone LARGELY ignored - now they use it as an ABUSE / Excuse to pull anyone over.

They've used it on i81 a lot (I grew up near front royal) - mostly targeting out of state cars and it gives them just enough probable cause - which usually leads to searching for drugs etc.

Bill Tracking - 2003 session > Legislation
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