Streets & Trips 2008 - Construction Data Update Failure
Steve S
As of the end of October, 2008, I am still having problems updating the Construction Data in S&T 2008 Connected Services. This is the problem where the update appears to start downloading but abends abruptly with an error message "Construction update cannot be downloaded...try again later" (or words to that effect).

I have read the existing threads in this forum and note that even the most recent entries about this problem are over a month old! Does anyone know if there are any work-arounds to this problem or if MS has issued any KB articles about it?

Note that I am aware of the posting that identifies the download pages for the various versions of S&T. I am also aware of comments to the effect that the installation location (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\...) is incorrect. In fact, my installation of S&T 2008 has no such path (starting with \Microsoft Streets & Trips\...). Nevertheless, I created the complete path, downloaded the Construction Update, and placed it in the Data folder... But it still doesn't work!

Anyone have any information or advice...???
First, are you sure you're running S&T 2008 instead of S&T 2009? The threads that I remember have been for 2009. The download files are at different locations:

Second, are you running Windows XP? The download page gives different paths for Vista and for XP. You should pick the path that already exists on your system. If you're creating a new path, then it will not work because S&T will not look for the construction file there.

Finally, for maximum context, it is generally best to either continue an existing thread, or link to the relevant forum post URL. This helps clear up misconceptions about what you did and did not read.
Steve S
<<...are you sure you're running S&T 2008...>>

taoyue: Yes, I am sure. There is no such thing as S&T 2009 Connected Services.

<<...are you running Windows XP? The...page gives different paths for Vista and for XP...>>

I am running Vista Home. The path specified on the download page for Vista did not exist on my tablet.

<<...You should pick the path that already exists on your system...>>

My problem is that no path... no path at all exists. That why, out of sheer frustration, I created a path, just to see if it would work. The strange thing is that up until a month or two ago, I was able to download construction updates. I have no idea why this suddenly changed nor where the previous downloads got installed / stored. Naturally, I have tried to search for likely folders, but have not found anything that looks relevant...

<<...If you're creating a...path, then it will not work because S&T will not look for the construction file there...>>

I completely agree. But if it isn't the path that MS itself specifies, where else would S&T store the update?

<<...it is generally best to...link to the relevant forum post ...>>

Done. Given the fact that the forum dialogue has shifted so completely over to S&T 2009, I felt that a stand-alone posting was necessary to attract some attention. You may also note that the existing discussion threads have titles that are sometimes quite different from the actual content... thereby distorting the context....
Marvin Hlavac
Steve, I just tried it on my Streets and Trips 2008. You are correct, the construction update feature is not working. The folder suggested on the Microsoft site doesn't exist for the 2008 version. When I created the non-existing folder, the feature still didn't work (and I tried both, the download via S&T, and also the download from the MSFT site).

The issue discussed in the other thread, regarding v.2009, has been corrected a few weeks ago. Since then I tested the feature in S&T 2009 twice, without any problem.

I'm also using the Connected Services edition of S&T 2008, if that makes any difference (likely not).
What a mess. Whoever manages that web page needs to shape up. The number of screw-ups to the instructions is simply incredible: 2009 was wrong when posted, and now 2008 is screwed up as well. Somebody is just copying paths around, without checking to see if they actually exist on the system. This is simply inexcusable in this day of virtual machines.

Does one of these directories exist on your system:
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\15.0\Data
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips\Data

Try both of them, and see if one of them works. Note: If you're running a 64-bit machine, the second path will be Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files.

Steve, I'm not trying to be mean -- it's just that bug reporting is best when it is stated very precisely with no ambiguity. Here's what I would've written: "We've talked about problems with 2009 at (give a link to thread). I've noticed that there are problems with 2008 as well. I've downloaded the manual construction update from (give link to MS site), and found that the path (give full path, not a partial path with ellipses) doesn't exist Any ideas?" Notice full paths, links to pages I've been to, and wording that makes it clear this is a slightly different problem from the one previously discussed.
Marvin Hlavac
Tao, that fixed the problem!

The following path indeed exists in my S&T 2008:
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\15.0\Data
I pasted the earlier downloaded ConstructionA7031618.dat file there, and my Streets and Trips 2008 no longer displays the message that the construction data is out of date.
Steve S
<<...What a mess...>>

taoyue: No argument there...

<<...Does one of these directories exist on your system...>>

Interestingly, they both do. Misreading Marvin's response, I worked down the VirtualStore path and pasted the Construction download into the Data folder. Restarted S&T but no joy. Re-read Marvin's post, recognized my mistake, and moved the Construction folder to the other Data folder... but back at S&T, still no joy.

Having finally verified that there was a Data folder location, I decided to again try Update (under the Route menu), but again got the "Could not download update..." error message. Checked the Data folder and noticed that the file date was now current! So apparently the Construction data is downloaded, but some flag or registry key is not updated. At least that's what I infer...

<<...Steve, I'm not trying to be mean...>>

taoyue: I didn't take it that way; rather, I thought it a bit...inconsiderate. Your heart is clearly in the right place, though.

In an ideal world, all dialogue would be logically constructed and perfectly clear. But it's not a perfect world, as S&T repeatedly demonstrates to us...
The original 2009 error was that the file date was correct, but the file size was wrong. In other words, S&T would keep retrieving a fresh copy of the outdated construction update. You need to overwrite this. Since it worked for Marvin, perhaps you could compare file sizes with him.
Marvin Hlavac
169 KB (173,133 bytes)
Steve S
170 kB! Wonder what that means...???
It means that you've got the wrong copy of the file. (P.S. Look at the size in bytes, not the rounded-off kilobytes.)

The thing to do now is to be very careful and check at every single step to see where it goes wrong. Download the file again, from the appropriate link in my post near the top of this thread. Save it to the desktop and verify the file size is correct. Then, and only then, copy it to the correct path. Then, finally, check where you copied it and verify that the file size is correct there.

Sounds like a lot of steps, but step-by-step is the only way to figure out where it's going wrong. There are no regkeys or flags involved -- this is why there is a manual update process at all.
Steve S
<<...169 KB (173,133 bytes)...>>

...I meant to post about this on Friday; upon closer examination, my Construction Update is the same size: 173,133.

<<...The thing to do now is to be very careful and check at every single step...>>

...Good advice and I essentially did this, which is why I've been a little frustrated about it. That and Microsoft's seemingly incredible "laissez-faire" attitude about this product and its support (and I'm still annoyed that MS has abandoned Connected Services... that version would have made too much sense if auto-rerouting was implemented...)

However, now I'm temporarily off this topic because I scrubbed off my tablet last night so I could install a new OS. I'm not sure when I'll get back to S&T; it might be a couple to several weeks. Maybe by then things will have gotten straightened out...???
just found this microsoft registry patch for ST-2008. it worked.

Mandolin Guy
grevans, it worked great. I let Microsoft do the work by clicking on "Run" instead of "Save." It took only about 20 seconds and worked like a charm. Thanx
Steve S
grevans: Worked for me, too. Thanks for posting this fix!
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