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MS Streets & Trips 2007 Keys v3.44.01 English and S&T 2007 Keys v3.44.01 French
I have modified a new version based on my own version v3.43.01 of S&T 2007 Keys software (branch from original Marvin and Toyfountain versions). This version v3.44.01 add some more features . These new versions have also all the original features of v3.43.01.

Whats' new:

1- This version adds a low cost remote control feature to S&T 2007 . The idea came from my original remote control experiment i made with a wireless remote control last summer, to control S&T 2007 without seeing the laptop screen.

see: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/786-streets-trips-2007-remote-control-experiment

This new version allows to do some sort of remote control of S&T 2007 using a simple 2 buttons mouse (wired, wireless, laptop keypad mouse, anything you like or you have that looks like a mouse )

To activate "Mouse Remote Control" function (see help with F1 key), user need to press at least one time the key sequence (Alt-Ctrl-M). The first time it is pressed, a two tones sound is heard with the second part higher pitch than the first (this means the mouse remote feature is allowed). If you press it a second time, it would disable the feature (the software behave like previous 3.43.01 version). Once disabled, you would hear a two tones sound with the second part of lower pitch.

Now the big question: what will exactly do the "Mouse Remote" function when it is allowed? When you go in full screen navigation, the mouse left and right buttons are now becoming "repeat current voice instruction" and "repeat next coming voice instruction". This will allow you to drive, put the laptop away, use a one ear hearphone to listen to voice guidance and when some feedback is needed to know what is coming next, just press the Left or right mouse button to get some voice guidance feedback.

It should be noted that when the "Mouse Remote" feature is active, the mouse cannot be used to do anything else. To suspend the feature for a moment, user can use the F11 key to exit full screen navigation, or the Pause key to stop navigation as well. To suspend the feature forever, just use the (Alt-Ctrl-M) key sequence. You must navigate in full screen to use the feature. It is not working while not navigating in full screen mode...

Not anybody will like to navigate by voice guidance only, but it is very effective to navigate without looking at the screen, to hear the voice guidance in the ear by pressing a mouse button that can be in the middle of your legs, even if the family is making noise, it is not keeping you from getting voice guidance.

It should be noted that if you activates the mouse remote feature (Alt-Ctrl-M) while already navigating in full screen mode, it won't activate until you quit full screen mode then go in full screen mode again (press F11 2 times to do it if needed)

Known issues:

1- Probably there is a bug for AR 2007 version (which i don't have for testing) in either the english or french version. I don't know if it is compatible with it anymore.

2- Pressing <F2> key while "option" panel is on the screen will makes the option panel sticky there forever until you close S&T keys. It is an old bug from v2.43. I didn't have time to repair this one yet

3- Sometime the secondary mouse button cannot get the navigation next voice instruction correctly (like it is sometimes also when the real spacebar key is used). Pressing it another time usually will get it correctly).

Feel free to test it and reports any bugs. It is a fresh new version coming out from the oven, so surprises are possible. All 3 versions (English, French with 2 keyboard types) are in the same zip file.

MisterMoonlight S&T Keys 2007 v3.44.01.zip
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