Help with forward / back arrows missing in Streets & Trips 2009
New here and any help is much appreciated. I understand Streets and Trips 2009 no longer has the forward/back arrow buttons and I read somewhere that you can use the undo/redo, but my undo/redo is not highlighted, and I can't go back to a previous screen view. When planning trips, I like to zoom in to a particular leg of the trip and it is a pain in the butt to get back to the previous screen view. Any help?

I agree with you. This is a feature i liked so much and i cannot understand why it has been removed. The arrows are so common these days because of web browser and we can hardly live without it. I like myself the possibility of zooming the map, moving somewhere to see the details and then click the arrow a couple of time to return where i was viewing first.

My only suggestion is to add your word in the S&T Wish List and hopes Microsoft will bring it back next year.

Evolution is not always for better

Add your word here: Bring back rewind/foward arrows to undo/redo operation
undo is ctr + z
If i remember correctly the last time i used it, undo is not the same thing as the previous back arrows. The previous back arrow allows to see a different map view, like you have a full screen view of a map, you zoomed it, with the back arrow you can return to the exact unzommed map before you zoom it. The undo cannot do this in S&T 2009 if i remember correctly...
I don't know about S&T 2009, but in S&T 2008 you can use
  • <Alt>+<Left Arrow> for back
  • <Alt>+<Right Arrow> for forward
These are standard Windows keyboard shortcuts that work in most applications.
SteveB said:
I don't know about S&T 2009, but in S&T 2008 you can use
<Alt>+<Left Arrow> for back
<Alt>+<Right Arrow> for forward
Unfortunatly, these hotkeys are not working anymore in S&T 2009. The interface has been changed and there is no way to do the foward and back arrow original functions (like moving between different zoom view or pan view with these arrows is not possible anymore).
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, that's correct, unfortunately. The following is from the review of Streets and Trips 2009:


Back & Forward

S&T 2008: S&T 2009:

I haven't noticed this at first, because I never used the back/forward feature myself, but others have noticed that the new Streets and Trips 2009 no longer has this functionality.
(I know this is an old thread but found it while searching)

UPDATE: S&T 2010 has the back/forward feature again!!

No toolbar buttons - just use ALT+Left Arrow
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