Real Estate Broker: Which PC GPS software should I use?

I am a Real Estate Broker in St.Augustine Florida deciding to go with a Laptop GPS product.

Which package would you suggest?


Matt Kiernan
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Matt,

I think any GPS navigation software could be just fine for the actual in-car navigation, but for managing your work I'd suggest to consider Microsoft Streets & Trips. Check out this thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/661-video-teaches-sales-reps-how-use-microsoft-streets-trips
Hello Marvin,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will post an evaluation after I use it for a while.

Matt Kiernan
Marvin Hlavac
Matt, please do. It may help other real estate people make their decision, too.
My Point...Exactly
Here's a 4.5 minute overview video showing how Real Estate Sales People can use Microsoft Streets and Trips to increase productivity and maximize sales.
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