How to disable Auto re-route in Streets & Trips 2008?
I have been using MS S&T since 2001 for gps routing and it has saved me much time and money in keeping me on my designated route.

This auto re-route function causes problems when I do get off route because I have to be very careful what kind of road I travel, I just cannot turn down the next street to get back on route.

Right now, my only option is to revert back to an older version.
Marvin Hlavac
Automatic re-routing is an awesome feature for most users, but it is not for everyone. A trip-planning software should allow for disabling it, if a user so chooses.

I have sent a quick e-mail to the S&T Team via its blog - if anyone reveals a way around it, it'll be them. I'd say don't keep your hopes up, but there is at least a small chance there may be some way to do it via the registry.

Failing that, the only way to avoid the automatic re-routing is to plot a route, but donít enable driving guidance. You will not get voice prompts, which is bad, but the automatic rerouting will not occur.
Thanks Marvin,

It looks like I will be reverting back to the '06 software (I didn't buy the 07).

Although I don't use the voice prompts, I do like the guidance and I like the dynamic turn view.

The main reason I don't like the auto re-route is because it erases the original route, it would be different if it were to plot a new route with a different color and leave the original route alone.

Usually while I am driving, especially at night, I keep the laptop closed and only look at the display when I am coming in to a city or maybe an intersection when I am on unfamiliar roads and if I am off route, I know it as soon as a open the display.

With the auto re-route function, it is possible for me to go many miles out of route and not realize it until later.
Marvin Hlavac
Version 2008 of Streets and Trips is the very first version which introduced the automatic rerouting feature. I think it is still possible to see on/off switch introduced for this feature in Streets & Trips 2009 (if enough users request this change from Microsoft). Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Marvin Hlavac
Just in case someone comes across this old thread, an update is due. The 2008 version of the product was the one that introduced automatic route recalculation, and there was no way for users to disable this new feature. Subsequent versions (2009, and 2010) of Streets & Trips do give the option to disable / enable automatic rerouting.
Hi Montana,

The automatic rerouting feature in S&T has gone through several improvements since it was first introduced - including the ability to turn it on or off.

It cannot be turned off in 2008 unfortunately.

Give 2010 a try - you'll appreciate the improved navigation features as well as the updated map data.
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