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Accessible GPS Trace Sub-file
Right now (v2007 for sure and I assume v2009), S&T saves GPS trace data "behind the curtain." That is, this second-by-second locating information becomes part of the *.est file but it is not discretely accessible. It is not handled like custom pushpins, for instance, that can be viewed and managed from the Legend and Overview panel. If you want to take out the trace information, you have to go into the route and delete it segment by segment. You might want to do this if you wanted to make the *.est file smaller or if you wanted to de-personalise an intinerary.

I would like to see the trace segments listed under a heading such as "GPS Traces" in the (otherwise under-utilised) Legend and Overview panel. Then, if you click on a particular trace, it would open up a new box showing whatever detail information is available, giving the user various powers, such as renaming, saving to a file, or deleting.
Yes i am giving my vote on this idea too
Marvin Hlavac
Can you achieve what you needed with the GPX import/export feature in the new Streets & Trips 2010, or not really?
Yes and no.

I welcome the exportability of the GPX file which includes the GPS Trail. If one takes a little time to figure out the hml abbreviations, you can see the lat/longs for the trackpoints of the trail. However, as RsH has pointed out the way S&T handles this hml file (eliminating the time parameters for instance) is much less than ideal.

But some of the flexibility of the old way of handling GPS Trails has been lost as I think I have enumerated in other posts. 1: You can no longer just copy and paste the GPS Trail by itself. 2: You can no longer change the color or the line type of the trail. 3: You can no longer see the second-by-second trackpoints. 4: You can no longer move trackpoints by clicking and dragging right on the map for simple corrections. 5: You can no longer add or subtract trackpoints.

In summary, one step forward and five steps back. When it comes to the GPS Trail, I prefer the old way.
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