Which laptop GPS software to use in pilot car business?
Hi,I own a pilot car business,I am looking for a laptop gps system.I am new to gps routing,but have tried delorme,and there are a lot of roads that are not on it's map.I invite any advise on the subject.
Take a look at some of the reviews here to narrow your choice. Streets & Trips 2009, iNav iGuidance 2009 and Garmin Mobile PC all use Navteq mapping data (Delorme uses an in-house solution), so it boils down to the interface.

iGuidance has the cleanest screen but limited routing tools. S&T has great routing tools but the display is a bit messy. Mobile PC has an excellent display and reasonable tools for setting up a route. Any of these programs can work with a standard GPS receiver.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi chobotnice,

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My first choice would be to try the first software that Terry mentioned in his reply: Microsoft Streets and Trips. This software has equally good trip planning features like your existing DeLorme Street Atlas, but chances are good that the streets you were unable to locate in Street Atlas may in fact be included in Streets & Trips, because the two use different sources of map data.

Check out our Streets and Trips forum. The review posted there contains a download link for a free 60-day trial.
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