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Mexico POIs
Al Nelson
Does anyone have any POIs for Mexico, such as Toll booths, Pemex stations Wall-marts etc.? I plan an driving to Puerto Vallarta in January with my S&T 2007 as my navigator. I have been able to find a few places and their co-ordinates on Google Earth but I was wondering if anyone has used Street & Trips in Mexico. I will be posting my trip on the members trips section when I get back in the spring along with my own list of POIs.
Another question, how accurate are the lat & long co-ordinates on Google Earth?
Marvin Hlavac
Al, I hope someone will post a link for you to downloadable POIs for Mexico, but as far as the road map alone, you just have to buy the newest Streets and Trips 2009. The Mexico coverage is now so much better than it used to be in any previous version of the software. There is a screenshot and a mention of it in our review.
There are many poi web site that have user community that are sharing POI files. If you find .xls or txt files (and usually any file format can be converted using some free tools to excel or comma separated files than S&T can import easily), it should be ok.
Ken in Regina
POIFriend website is a good place to start. They have POI lists for all sorts of things from all over the world. They also have a discussion forum like this one, so you can also ask if people know where to find things you can't find on that site. Many of them seem to be quite knowledgeable about all the POI sharing sites out there.

I searched for Mexico in both the main POI site and Forums found very little.
Ken in Regina
Did you ask a question in the forum to see if someone could direct you to other POI websites that might have the information you want?

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