Can't get iNav iGuidance to see Earthmate GPS
I'm trying to get iNav iGuidance 4.0 to see my Earthmate LT-20 GPS and not having much luck.

I downloaded the USB to Serial emulator from Delorme and installed it with no problems. Using the monitor function, the emulator can see and read the GPS so I know it's working OK.

However no matter what COM and baud rate I select on both iNav and the emulator, iNav keeps saying it can't see my Earthmate.

I've tried this on both an XP and a Vista machine, also with no luck.

I've fooled with this long enough so that my iNav evaluation period is almost over. I emailed iNav Tech Support and everything they suggested I had already tried or eliminated.

The GPS works fine on the same systems with Street Atlas 2008.

Anyone have any ideas?

Marvin Hlavac
Oh my... How many days you still have left? This should work. From what I've read there are two software drivers for that GPS unit. One is good only for DeLorme Street Atlas, and the other software driver is good for non-DeLorme programs. Search DeLorme website for a driver for 3rd-party programs.
I just got the iNav software yesterday, and used the DeLorme software to make my Earthmate receiver work with it.

Same as you, I tried the various settings, to no effect. Then, suddenly, everything just worked.

I don't know what I had been doing wrong; it could be a simple as starting one program before the other. All I know is that it eventually works, and seems to work well. I'd suggest you buy the software--I like it very much, even more in some ways than my wife's new TomTom.
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