Win Your Free iGuidance 4 (Donated by iNav)
Marvin Hlavac
And the winners of the iNav iGuidance contest are ...

The contest is now over. Find out who the winners are in posting # 41 in this thread, or by following this link

iNav Corporation, the maker of the fabulous iGuidance navigation software program, has just donated 2 copies of iGuidance 4 to Laptop GPS World, to help kick-start this new website and forum.

Anyone is welcome to participate in this "mini-contest", and I think everyone has a very good chance of winning the prize, because Laptop GPS World is brand new, with only very few registered members so far.

To participate, all you need to do is post to this forum why you want iGuidance 4. If you have never heard of this GPS navigation program, you may find more about it by reading its review. If you have tried other programs, you may let us know why you think switching to iGuidance may benefit you. If you've never tried any GPS navigation program before, why do you think iGuidance may be better for you than other programs. Write as much or as little as you wish. The prize will go to the two people who I think would benefit the most by the features iGuidance has to offer.

Feel free to either start you own thread in iNav iGuidance Forum, or just reply to this one.

This "mini-contest" ends on December 12, 2007. Two winners will be announced here on or before December 15, 2007.

Thanks in advance for participating!
Out of the many Gps programs that I have tried. i believe IG 4 is the optimal one for my up coming car PC Project. It lends itself very well to this environment and integrates easily with many of the car PC front ends.
Wayne in Red Deer
Looks like this would be a good program to use when traveling with our 5th wheel trailer. We have been using Streets & Trips and have found it quite useful in getting to where we want to go. The one draw back to S&T is there is no way to transfer a route or map to my PDA to use when walking around an area or for times when taking the laptop is a nusance.
I have tried other nav software like S&T, Nroute, and Street Atlas but have never been able to try this product. Would be nice to see if I'd like it better than the other software I've tried.
I have used IGuidance extensively in UMPC/PPC and laptop mode. It continues to be used daily by my parents on my handed down Samsung Q1. I am eager to try out the updated version.
I'd love to win this product, I decided not to spend the money on it but it would be great to be able to use this software on my Samsung Q1. Would anyone recommend spending the money to get the Samsung Q1 car mount?
I heard about this site from Gottabemobile which makes me a tablet pc user. Currently I'm using Delorme's Street Atlas and while it works fine, it's interface is not really great for a tablet pc. I heard that this program is a lot more tablet pc friendly and looking at your review it seems this would be the case. Delorme's product has tiny buttons and tabs which makes the program virtually impossible to use while driving. While that's probably for the best safety-wise, let's be realistic. People will use their GPS software while driving without pulling over to the side of the road. At least with this product and the addition of iGkeys which you mentioned in your review this would be a much safer product for me to use.

While this product looks like a huge step up interface-wise from what I'm currently using my dream product would have a voice interface for complete hands free usage. I'd love to hear about any software that has this capability.

BTW, the site looks nice. Good luck with your new blog. Cheers!
This would go perfectly with the tablet pc I'm trying to integrate into all facets of my life.
This is the first I have seen the iGuidance software but it looks better that any laptop based gps software I have seen in the past. I have been looking for a package that would work with finger navigation on my UMPC as well as my tablet and my pocket pc phone. I travel all over the country and use gps navigation a lot and it would be great to have on constant interface across all my devices.
I have always appreciated the work and info you posted on gpspassion. I've used the past couple of version of IGuidence on my pda and now my umpc but I'd like to move up to the latest version.
A friend uses iGuidance software on their umpc and just loves it. I would love to put a copy on my TabletPC. Thanks
iGuidance 4 would be a great piece of software for my R2Hv umpc with it's built in GPS. One of the disadvantages I found with MS Streets and Trips is that if you make a wrong turn it won't re-route you. It also looks to be much more touch friendly.
All I can say is that I have iGuidance 3 and LOVE it and am dying to try out the new Text-to-Speech feature in version 4. Answers my question: How do you make a great thing greater?!

I am using version 3 on a Samsung Q1b and cannot say enough about what a great combination this is. And now that I have a Broadband USB Card I am in mobility heaven.

Now I can surf over to check this new laptopgpsworld.com site on the road - well, at least parked near the road!
This would be great to use on my new Tablet PC. It is small enough to use in the car, if I can find a way to mount it. I have Streets and Trips, but I like the 3D view and the text to speech options that this software provides.
I used to use what I'm told is basically an older version of iGuidance called Routis for the PocketPC. I LOVED that program. I would say I was 'auto GPS' before 'auto GPS' was cool. It would be great to see what's become of the 'old' program...

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