Which laptop GPS software is the easiest to learn?
I only have Streets and Trips 2007, 2008 and 2009. I am not even sure about which other software will work with my SirfStarIII and which software is easier to make the transition from streets and trips to another similar software.
Marvin Hlavac
All programs listed here will work (other than nRoute) just fine with your GPS receiver (without the need for additional utility software).
Cool. So I have a lot of choices.

But which one would be the easiest to learn? See, I am used to streets and trips. I don't want to buy something and then find out I can't work the thing!

Someone on this forum mentioned one software "hard to learn". Which one was that... I do not remember. But I would like to avoid it.

Also... Which one is the easiest to obtain? I don't want to go look for something only available in Timbuktu and has a 1000 day waiting list + forms to fill out and credit report checks...
Marvin Hlavac
The more features a program has, the more difficult it is to learn. Some people say DeLorme Street Atlas is hard to learn, but people who took enough time to learn it will disagree .
All right.

I have looked at circuitcity and they have a "DeLORME Earthmate GPS LT-40 with Street Atlas USA 2009".

Is that the same as just DeLorme Street Atlas but it comes with a usb gps receiver? If that is the case then I should just get the DeLorme Street Atlas since I already have the usb gps from my copy of streets and trips 2007 with gps and save a few bucks right?
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, the two products contain the same software product, but one comes with a USB GPS receiver. All you need is just the program, but if the price difference is very small, you may consider getting the one with LT-40, as it is a very good GPS unit, and having a spare USB GPS may come very handy one day.
Ken in Regina
As was pointed out by Mike in another thread today, anyone looking at Street Atlas should be aware that there is a Plus version. The Plus version allows you to import custom points of interest (POI). The standard version does not. And the Plus version has a second disk that has a huge phone directory on it. It covers the US and Canada. It's not perfect but it's surprisingly good and can often save hunting for a phone book or paying for a directory assistance call when on the road.

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