Streets and Trips 2009 startup problem fixed
I picked up Streets & Trips 2009 (no GPS) at Best Buy $40. After installation and activation, the startup process gave an error message "Could not find shared drive or DVD" -- not sure of the exact wording because the problem is fixed. Called MS tech support (866-834-8317) and they started case #1086014128.

The support guy (who was very helpful) knew just what was wrong; so you can guess he has seen it several times. He opened regedit, and renamed the keys My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\General to ...General2; then repeated the renaming in the "...11.0...", and "...12.0..." keys. Reboot, and problem solved. MS does not have a patch yet, and no webpage related to the issue, but it worked great for me.

It seems this is a conflict between S&T 2009 and some installations of older versions of MS Office. My laptop has Office 2000 on it -- corporate laptop, so I can't upgrade.

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