Is it possible to have multiple gmapsupp.img installed at the same time?
Hi everybody!

First of all - thanks very much to all the contributors here for the very valuable shared information.

Just knowing that the newest version of mapsource doesn't work with garmin mobile pc and finding a link here to one that does has, quite frankly, saved me from tossing a brand new netbook out of my car's window.

So thanks!

On to my question - I have mobile pc installed and I've noticed that any extra maps I make on mapsource result in a file with the same name - gmapsupp.img - does this mean that I can only have one installed at any one time or is there a way around it?

I'd like multiple ones so I can just choose what I want from the manage my data tab rather than renaming them back and forward in the mobilepc folder in windows.
You can't have multiple copies. However, you can create an image file of all the maps you want and then switch them from Mobile PC. When you create the map image file, select the portions you want from each version of MapSource. Then, before sending to Mobile PC, switch to another version and select the portions of that you require.

After you have selected all the areas you want from all the maps, send the entire file to Mobile PC. Mobile PC will list them individually in Tools-Manage My Data-Mapsets under the MapSource button. You can select the one you want from there.

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Ken in Regina
Just to add to Terry's comments, here's an example of a gmapsupp.img file that I have for Mobile PC.

1. click the dropdown in Mapsource, select Metroguide Canada v5
2. zoom way out and select the entire country
3. click the dropdown and select Topo Canada v2
4. zoom in and select all of southern Saskatchewan
5. click the dropdown and select Ibycus Topo 2.1
6. pan to southern British Columbia
7. select all of southern British Columbia
8. click on the Transfer To icon on the toolbar
9. select Mobile PC
10. select the Maps radio button.
11. wait awhile.
12. get a cup of coffee
13. wait awhile
14. get rid of coffee
15. wait awhile
16. Cheer!!!!!

In Mobile PC I now have a gmapsupp.img file with all three of the above selections in it. Now I can

1. click Tools
2. click Manage My Data
3. click Map Sets
4. click Mapsource button near bottom of screen

In my example I'll see checkboxes for four map products:

City Navigator North America NT2009 (built-in gmapprom.img)
Metroguide Canada v5 (in gmapsupp.img)
Topo Canada v2 (in gmapsupp.img)
Ibycus Topo 2.1 (in gmapsupp.img)

5. uncheck all of the map products except the one you want to see.

Any time you want to use a different map product, just repeat steps 1-5.

Aha, thats exactly the answer I need. So I could have all of Europe and USA and TOPO UK in one img file.

I wish I'd asked this question before I made all the seperate ones...

They took hours, and I mean HOURS.

Oh well, many thanks.
Ken in Regina
To save yourself hours and hours of recompiling, you have a couple of options.

1. My first choice .. download nRoute from Garmin's website. It's a fully featured navigation program. It will use any maps that are installed in Mapsource without any compiling. It just sees them and uses them.

It has the same interface as Mapsource, so it's not nearly as pretty as Mobile PC. But you don't have to ever compile another mapset again.

Another drawback is that it only understands the Garmin proprietary protocol so if you don't have a Garmin GPS receiver you will need to get a copy of Franson's GPSGate utility. It has a 2 week free trial period if you want to try out nRoute and see if it's worth it.

2. Don't throw away the ones you've already compiled. I've heard of a utility program that allows you to combine multiple compiled Garmin .img files into a single gmapsupp.img. If I can chase it down, it will save you recompiling it all.

Hang on and I'll go see what I can find.

Ken in Regina
Okay, it's called GMapTool v0.3.9.

For some help, read post #5 and #8 in this thread on Geocaching.com.

I have not tried it yet, so I don't know if it's as easy as it sounds. It's free, so it's worth a shot.

Yeah, I've tried nroute - seems fairly ok, thing is I wanted to use mobile pc for its 'big' buttons if you know what I mean - I've installed a touchscreen on my netbook and mobile pc is really pretty!

I'm also using a non-garmin receiver - got it off eBay stripped it down and installed it internally, so I'd have to use GPSGate? Amazing reception on these things nowadays, it beats my wifes TomTom unit hands down, from turning it on to finding a signal is seconds rather than minutes.

Best option seems to be this GMaptool - I'll have a look see and give it a bash. I'll report back...

Thanks for the info.
Well, tried it and it seems to do what its supposed to - joins the files.

But mobile pc doesn't like the resulting file... Hmmm, maybe its too big - more testing needed.

Oh it also splits .img into single maps that you can put back into mapsource - could be useful.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by koollectablz
Well, tried it and it seems to do what its supposed to - joins the files.

But mobile pc doesn't like the resulting file... Hmmm, maybe its too big - more testing needed.

Oh it also splits .img into single maps that you can put back into mapsource - could be useful.
Keep us posted. I have no immediate need but you never know. That split thing might be useful for those who want to try to use the built-in maps in Mapsource instead of having to buy another copy of whatever came with their Mobile PC.

You mentioned maximum size, I have tried creating one large gmapsupp.img which is fine in a sense, but after confirming with Garmin, I have been told that Garmin has a max size of 2GB per file.
I have therefore still merged but still land up with 2 files under 2GB each which then works fine (using the renaming method spoken of above).
If you use an actual unit like the Nuvi, you can have a gmapsupp.img file on the device and memory card and, space permitting of course.
Ken in Regina
If Mobile PC is like their nav devices, the limit may not be 2GB. It may be the number of map segments. The number I've seen is something like 2024 map segments, maximum. It's in one of Garmin's FAQs about maximum storage card size.

Most of the support techs find it simpler to just tell people that they can't use a card bigger than 2GB than it is to try to explain about number of map segments. In most cases, keeping the total map file size to under 2GB will, coincidentally, keep the number of map segments within bounds with most map products.

Hi, newbie here.

Actually you can have 4 different .img files what GMPC can read at a same. Mapsource will create always GMAPSUPP.IMG file. Now rename these files to either
1. GMAPBMAP.IMG (this is a basemap)

and keep them in the same directory with GMAPSUPP.IMG file.
This works also in Garmin Mobile XT S60 version.
Ken in Regina
Hi Iron,

EDIT: 24 FEB 2009 - The suggestion to use GMAPSUP2.IMG works just fine. So to confirm Iron's suggestion, you can have four map files in the Mobile PC folder: GMAPBMAP.IMG (basemap), GMAPPROM.IMG (preloaded Mobile PC maps), GMAPSUPP.IMG (compiled mapset from Mapsource), and GMAPSUP2.img (another Mapsource compiled mapset).
Your suggestion will create problems for someone with Mobile PC.

GMAPBMAP.IMG is the name of the basemap that comes with Mobile PC. If you use that name for the detail map you will delete the basemap. That's not a good idea.

GMAPPROM.IMG is the name of the detail maps that come with Mobile PC (North America or Europe). If you use that name for another detail map file that you create with Mapsource, you will delete the detail maps that came with Mobile PC. That might be a problem for many people who want to still be able to use those maps.

I'm not sure if Mobile PC will do anything with a GMAPSUP2.IMG file. I have not tried that so I will.

If you want to use Mapsource to add multiple maps for use in Mobile PC it is still best to select all of the maps you want to use at one time in Mapsource and let Mapsource compile them into a single GMAPSUPP.IMG file. That way you can use Mobile PC to switch between them.

If you are using them on memory cards and they are too big to put on a single card, you have to use multiple cards anyway, so just split them between cards in the best way that works for you. You have to change cards to change maps anyway, so the file can be named the same (GMAPSUPP.IMG) on each card.

Maybe combine all of IMG into one IMG.
I've combine China Mainland with HongKong into one IMG, it's works fine for me.
I have uploaded to my windows mobile device Garmin Mobile XT v5 containing all the maps of Europe. It worked well. But it did not have maps of Malta. I downloaded the gmapsupp.img of Maltese maps and replaced it with the other gmapsupp but it asked me for the map's product key and so in the map only the Basemap is shown. I also used GMapTool and joined the two gmapsupp files but the same has happened. Any help please?
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