"Off Route" speaking bug in Streets & Trips 2009
I drive for a living.

I originally started with Street 2007 with GPS. I found some issues with the database, in that some streets that did not exist, were not included in S&T, direction were not aways correct: left turns were really right turns. I wrote in to have them added or corrected. When I got a notice that an upgrade to 2009 was coming, I hoped that improvements would occur. I am disappointed since none of the corrections were added. For the most part, the changes are more cosmetic and not really worth the money.

I have installed S&T 2009 with GPS. The first trip out, the software went a bit crazy. If I happened to stop at a Service Area off any Interstate, the Off Route warning would repeat rapidly until I stopped routing. So you would have something like this: Off RouteOff RouteOff RouteOff RouteOff RouteOff RouteOff Route... without end. (note: this didn't occur with 2007 version)

The same thing would occur with Proceed to Route. You can imagine that it is as annoying as Off Route.

I have quickly done a search for this type of problem in this forum. Nothing came up but that could be due to my search parms.
Uninstall and reinstall has not resolved the problem.

So here an the questions:
Has anyone experienced this issue?
Does Mircosoft ever issue patches?
Do they always issue new full version and not updates?

Details: Intel DualCore2 2.98mhz, XP Pro SP2, 4 Gigs Ram. Very little other software, Install from original DVD, legal version BTW.
Yep, this is a known issue. Take a look here : http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/926-streets-trips-2009-instructions-repeating-rapidly
Thx for the input. Hope MS fixes this and not in the next version. If the product is defective, it needs to be fixed now, not in 2010. You pay good money and get crap, I don't think so!

I notice that this thread, the one you linked me to, was started a few months ago. "Larry from Microsoft's" suggestion to use F7 to silence is not a fix, just a temporary work-around. At least, the issue is acknowledged and escalated but I'm not reassured by the balance of his reply. This needs to be fixed now since it's not a question of "if it's a bug" but that "it is a bug" shared by many customers. If MS values its' market share they need to do better. Another word comes to mind... Vista, another less than shiny moment for MS.

I'll say no more. MS, issue a patch or a refund!

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