Reset fuel alerts in Street Atlas 2009
Street Atlas 2008 and earlier apparently don't have an option to re-zero the refueling points. You can only display the icons from your starting point. If I refuel at a non scheduled point then all following points are incorrect. Does anyone know if this option is in SA 2009?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi bobkirk. Nobody answered with a solution in a few days , so I though I would at least welcome you to the forums . There may be a way to reset the fuel, but I just don't know how .
Mandolin Guy
I don't think there's an way to reset the fuel stops on existing saved map files. However, you could re-create the route and get a new starting point. This involves right-clicking on the new location. Then pick the "Create" function and move on from there. It will give you some new options when changing the existing route.
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