How does iNav iGuidance compare to ALK CoPilot?
I would love a free copy of iGuidance so I could finaly complete my car-pc install. I have ALK CoPilot Laptop but it doesn't get along well with car-pc front ends.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, iGuidance is widely supported by the CarPC user community in USA/Canada, and only few CarPC enthusiasts venture to try another program. This has more to do with the ability to integrate it into CarPC front-end software, rather than with actual features of the program itself, though. Since you are familiar with CoPilot, I would compare iGuidance to CoPilot always used in "Guidance Mode". (The CoPilot's "Planning Mode" is something unique to CoPilot, and it offers advanced trip-planning features.)

While CoPilot has (much) more features than iGuidance ever will, iGuidance has an edge on map data and routing quality. There is no such thing as a perfect program. It's always a matter of compromise when one tries to find the best product for himself/herself .
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
While CoPilot has (much) more features than iGuidance ever will, iGuidance has an edge on map data and routing quality. There is no such thing as a perfect program.
Why do you say CoPilot will have more features than iGuidance ever will?

Does iGuidance support traffic (I've yet to get traffic working on CoPilot BTW)and can I plan a route with multiple waypoints? Can I right click on the map and add a custom POI?

Will this site do any reviews on pocket pc GPS programs. I am using Telenav and want to switch to the GarminXT program when it comes off of BO. Do you have any info on this app for the PPC?
Marvin Hlavac
1) I've watched iNav iGuidance since version 1. The very first version was already a very solid performer. The subsequent releases didn't add a plethora of new features. You could even say that years later version 4 is mostly identical, functionality-wise, to the versions of years ago. The current version is more pleasant to look at, perhaps many users would say, but the new features you could count of fingers of one hand.

That is not necessarily bad, though. Don't take me wrong. I actually like it the way it is. It is a very simple and easy to learn program. Do you need something for your 98 year old grandmother who still drives? Get her iGuidance, or a PND (Personal Navigation Device) based on this software (there are several of them around). Do you wish to equip a fleet of your service vehicles with an easy to use GPS software - iGuidance may be it - no long learning curve to deal with...

Does the above mean the development of the program is dead? No, not at all by any stretch of imagination. It just means that I think the developers wish to keep the program the easiest of all. But they may be channeling their efforts to other areas which they feel are more important. I wonder, a year from now what surprise version 5 may bring. The new Intellinav PND, which is based on the same underlying software, is now able (if users so select) to use historical and predictive traffic data in the routing algorithm. It may route you differently at 7AM on Monday than it would on 7AM Sunday. It may route you differently during afternoon rush-hour than later in the evening. But even if it routes you the same way, at least the ETA is more realistic at various times of day. This may or may not come to a new version of iGuidance 5, but the developers already have this functional in a PND version. This is much more practical on a day-to-day bases than the current live-traffic service of various products, IMHO. (This also answers your question if iG4 has traffic - no, it doesn't.)

2) You may add multiple stops to iG4

3) No, this site will be devoted solely to GPS navigation solutions for Laptop, TabletPC, and Ultra-Mobile PC. If you need info for your PocketPC, visit GpsPasSion Forums.
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