ALK telephone technical support
Marvin Hlavac
I just finished a very brief phone call with ALK customer support representative.

After installing ALK CoPilot, everything worked just fine for several hours. Then something went wrong, and CoPilot would not start anymore. That was on Friday. The little booklet included with the DVD does have a 1-888 support number on the last page, but it also says to call during business hours, Monday to Friday, so I needed to be patient over the weekend .

Here comes Monday. I dialed the number, and as expected a machine on the other end (a pleasant voice, though) answers: "Thank you for contacting ALK Technologies ... ... for technical support press 2 ..." A half a minute later a live person answers:

* I described the issue

* He asks if I'm using Windows XP or Windows Vista

* I say: Vista

* He goes: That's easy, right click the desktop CoPilot icon, go to Properties, Compatibility tab, place a checkmark in front of Run as admin, click Apply, click OK

* I did as he said and my problem was solved during a phone call that didn't last much more than a minute or two.

Not bad, not bad at all !!!
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