Garmin USB GPS Sensor
How accurate is "GPS 18 Deluxe USB Sensor for Laptops" unit compared to Microsoft S&T 2009, or Delorme Earthmate 2009 GPS Sensor?

Is it worth the money? Thanks!
I would not recommend this device as it is based on an older receiver technology. Garmin has replaced it with the GPS18x. Also, the USB version of this device only works with Garmin programs without assistance.

If you want a magnetic mount GPS, I believe the GlobalSat BU-353 fills that requirement and is highly recommended in this group. The Pharos 500 shipped with S&T 2009 (in the US) is a good all round unit. The LT 40 used with SA 2009 is fine but requires a helper program to work with other software.

Do you have a particular navigation software program you are interested in?

Well, I asked for S&T for christmas, and as a back-up unit, I was gonna get this, but I see its outdated tech. Anyways, I use it while storm chasing. Thanks!
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