Missing floating GPS while in full screen mode
Art Strom

I'm using Streets & Trips version 2008 and have already installed S&T Keys (nice job!). At one point in my testing I was able to get the GPS pane showing the speed and GPS floating on the panel while I was in full screen mode. However I can't figure out how to get it back. Can you assist?

One final question. There has been a number to times that Streets and Trips (using S&T Keys) crashes. I'm using an old laptop, could that be the reason?

Thanks for your time
When using S&T Keys, press the F4 key and you will get a popup menu where you can see that one button can be pushed to see the gps pane (you will see the key related to this push button also)...

For the crashing problem, which version of S&T Keys are you using (the one specific for S&T 2008)?

I don't have any idea how good the 2008 version has been debugged, because i don't have it and don't use S&T 2008 at all. I don't think that it is related to your old laptop, but much more to a bug in S&T Keys 2008... The first beta version for S&T Keys 2009 had these kind of crashing problems, that are now a thing of the past i hope

Marvin may be can help on the 2008 version.

I can only give some advices/support with the 2007 and 2009 version of S&T Keys which i am currently supporting...
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