Globalsat GPS BU-353 vs. Globalsat GPS MR-350
Is the only difference between the BU353 and the MR350 the type of mounting, that is one is magnetic and one is drill through?
They are both SirfStar III GPS receivers and have the same options. The only difference is the mount.

Marvin Hlavac
I've never held the MR-350 in my hands, and I don't know if it is any larger than the BU-353. If it does have a larger antenna than it BU-353, then it could be better. If the size of the antenna is the same, then performance-wise both of the units should be identical.

MR-350 is attached to quite a long 15 feet of cable which ends with a PS/2 plug. You need to use also either a USB or an RS-323 adapter (sold separately).

BU-353 comes with the usual 5 feet of cable. The cable ends with a USB connector which plugs directly to your laptop.
Thank you for the replies, Marvin meant to post this as part of BC's thread as the discussion of the 353 was brought up there.
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