Software update out for the GPS 20x
Ken in Cape Breton
I see there's a software update out for the Garmin GPS 20x (software version 2.60) which is supposed to improve WAAS fix consistency and fix issues with reconnecting after reboot:


There's one out for the GPS 18x USB to fix the same issues at:

Marvin Hlavac
Ken in Cape Breton, thanks for the info. I wonder if this update fixes the issue of coming out of sleep mentioned by Terry.
Ken in Cape Breton
The following are the instructions that come as part of the zip file GPS20x_260.exe that downloads from the update site listed above. Note the instructions are for the GPS 18x, not the GPS 20x but I followed them anyway and thought I'd fight it out with Garmin if it didn't work. It worked fine and it seems to me I get a satellite fix a little quicker now:

GPS 18x USB Software Version 2.60
If this software is uploaded to a unit other than the product for
which it is designed, you will not be able to operate that unit.
If repeated software upload attempts fail, you may need to return
the unit to GARMIN for service.
Change History
Version 2.40 to 2.60:
1. Improved WAAS fix retention and accuracy.
2. Fixed issues with reconnecting after reboot.
Upload Instructions:
Instructions for uploading the new software to your GPS18x USB using
Microsoft Windows 2000 or later:
1. Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file onto your
hard drive.
2. Unzip the files in the archive by running the downloaded
executable file. It is recommended that you unzip the files to
the default location of C:\Garmin, but you can browse for a
different location.
3. Connect your unit to a free USB port on your PC.
4. In the unzipped folder (C:\Garmin by default), select and drag
"081101000XXX.rgn" to the Updater.exe file. This will automatically
open Updater application. Note: XXX in the file name denotes the
software version.
5. Select "USB Device" button, then "GPS 18x USB..." from the drop
down list. Click OK. After a brief wait, the update will be complete.

P.S. - The reception in the screen shots may not seem the best but I was inside a building when I took these screen captures. The GPS 20x works better outside.
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Why we are so happy with this unit upgrade...???
It has more than seven months old...!!!
How we didn`t find it before...???

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GPS 20x software version 2.60

as of April 24, 2008
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Never mind... I`m not complaining , on the contrary...Many thank`s for let us notice about & sharing it...

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