James DeLaney
Does anyone know what receiver the GPS-500 emulates? I was using DeLorme Street Atlas with the USB Earthmate receiver. Somehow the software got goofed up while I was out of town so I bought MS Streets and Trips 2009. What does the GPS-500 emulate? My wife likes the DeLorme program and I like both.

It does not emulate anything. Just set for a Generic NMEA and pick the appropriate COM port that the S&T GPS said it was installing to. If you don't know the COM port, you could try autodetect. If that doesn't work, we can tell you how to find the COM port using Windows Device Manager.

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Marvin Hlavac
James, welcome to the forums. The GPS-500 USB GPS receiver will work just fine with both of your favorite software programs, Microsoft Streets & Trips, and also DeLorme Street Atlas.

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