Streets and Trips 2009 Activation Disaster!
Hello, yesterday I installed my Streets and Trips 2009 and the box got thrown away, is there anthing i can do without the activation code? I have A huge trip to canada from iowa on tuesday, please help!!
Unless its a really long trip, you should be able to complete it without activating the product. When you get home, if you benefitted from using the sofware, buy another copy and don't lose the activation code.

Marvin Hlavac
... by the way, the activation code is not on or in the product box, but it is inside the DVD case, if I recall correctly. Perhaps you still have the DVD case?

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Mandolin Guy
It is on the plastic DVD case. Incidentally, when I get a new piece of software, I always write the activation code on the CD/DVD as sort of a back-up. I do it even before I install the program.
I feel your pain - I did the same thing with S&T 08. In that instance, I copied the 08 map data into my 07 version so I didn't loose much.
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