Mounting Dell Studio15 in '97 F450
Chris Taylor
I've started using my truck more regularly for picking up and dropping off cars for the company I contract with, and am trying to get GPS setup so I can quit relying on old maps or mapquest. I've got an old antenna unit which I've got adapted to run on USB, but my incredible out-dated Delorme (2003, I believe) doesn't want to run on Vista. Planning on getting Streets & Trips based on some posts from OTR truckers I've seen here.

Once all that gets finished, though, I still need to figure out how to mount this thing. The only time I've used a laptop GPS setup previously was in a motorhome with a large center console, but the interior on the Super Duty is quite a bit different (and spartan). Looked at the RAM mount, but I'm worried it may make my middle seat relatively unusable... but I'm also not completely sure how it mounts. So, seeking opinions especially from those that have mounted systems in box-body Fords with bench seats and 5 spd's!

Texas Carol
Hi Chris,
I am a new member and we have used a 15" computer screen successfully for quite a long time. We use a monitor with a removable base. We fabricated a mount which attaches the monitor to our SUV (keeping clear of the air bags and such). For our SUV, the computer is in the back seat. We also found it was important to use a wire guard to keep the different wires contained. We also use a mouse and a keyboard with a mouse for times those are needed. Power for the laptop power brick and the monitor was provided by a power converter connected to the passenger electric seat wiring (NOT the driver's seat since passenger seat is moved less if ever).
We have found the cost of the extra computer screen is much more efficient than using the laptop computer in the front seat.
Carol and Don T.
San Antonio, Texas
Marvin Hlavac
Chris Taylor & Texas Carol, :welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

A RAM mount may not necessarily make the middle seat unusable. It depends on the size of the passenger, I guess, and also I'm not sure about the safety aspect of a person sitting in that seat if anything is mounted in that space.

An LCD monitor alone (or an UMPC) will take up less space, since the keyboard is not there. A keyboard could be mounted on a dashboard.
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