GPS Navigation Software with Propane Restrictions Wanted
I have an RV - 5th Wheel and MDT truck. I need a program that has propane restrictions - CoPilot does, Streets & Trips, Street Atlas, and MapSource do not.

I need a program that has height restrictions - CoPilot does, S&T and SA and MapSource do not.

I need a program that shows 2 hour rest stops - Copilot does not, S&T does (I believe), SA does not, although you can have it add the rest stop time and MapSource does not.

I need a program that shows total miles between stops, not just total miles for the trip. CoPilot does not, S&T may, SA does not and MapSource does not.

MapSource is the easiest to plan a specific route. SA you need to "draw" avoids, which get quite crowded. S&T is a little easier. CoPilot is very dificult to do this.

So, does anyone know of ONE program that can do all that, or is it a never come true wish?
Mandolin Guy
All of those features in one program is only a dream.

I've been RVing for years. There are very few places where propane is restricted, not enough to make it worthwhile to incorporate it into a mapping program or even a map overlay. Virtually all the restrictions are tunnels. In some cases, they only want it to be turned off (no furnace, fridge, etc.)

As for the height restrictions, CoPilot has a truck version. It's a little pricey. You can go to This is a web site for Discovery RV owners but anyone can access it. The link will take you to a set of overlays for S&T, DeLorme and CoPilot. It has overlays for height restrictions, rest stops, Wal-Marts, Sams, Cracker Barrell, Flying J stations, Pilot stations, and a lot more.

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