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S&T Keys for Streets & Trips 2009 Bugs Report
You can post any bugs discovered with S&T Keys 2009 here.

When posting a bug:

1- Explain which version of S&T Keys 2009 you are using (hoover your mouse on the icon in windows tray menu).
2- Gives the exact details (procedure steps) on how to reproduce the problem.
3- Try the given procedure for problem reproduction more than one time to see if it is repeatable.
4- Give the operating system version and details.
5- Give computer details.
6- Give S&T version and options configuration.
7- Be patient , S&T Keys is a free program and i have a lot more other things to do in real life (like working to have some bread to eat!)

S&T Keys 2009 won't work for me, since I have S&T Keys 2008.

I just rebuilt my laptop, and I need S&T Keys 2008. I tried the latest version of Keys, but it tells me it requires Streets & Trips 2009.

All the links I can find for the 2008 version of Keys point here, to the 2009 version.

Would you please add some links to S&T Keys 2008? Thanks!
Marvin Hlavac
Steve, here's the old version: S&T Keys 2008.zip
Thanks, it works great!
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