Any News on Streets & Trips 2009?
I am **LOVING** Streets and Trips 2008 but I was wondering if anyone had any news on the next version? I know Marvin tests for Microsoft and if he is testing the new version he probably cannot speak in more than generalizations about it but any news would be interesting...
Marvin Hlavac
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 was released not too long ago. We will still have to wait a bit to hear anything about Streets & Trips 2009. And unfortunately Microsoft doesn't have any sort of public Beta testing program in place for this product.

In the past couple of years I was lucky to receive pre-release copies of new versions. If I receive a pre-release version of S&T 2009, I will share info and screenshots here at Laptop GPS World, as soon as I'm allowed to.

Often times it is fun to share even just rumors or speculations. Stay tuned to our Streets and Trips forum for any news.
Are we going to do a Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 wish list here at the new digs.
Marvin Hlavac
That sounds like a good plan . Start a new thread with an idea or two, and hopefully others will add their wishes .
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