How to add Alberta campgrounds and lakes to my Garmin?
I have a Garmin Nuvi 250. Is there any software I can download to show Alberta campgrounds and lakes?
Ken in Regina
The best option for water features (lakes, rivers, streams) and parks is to get Metroguide Canada v5. It has great coverage for Canada.

Here's a link to Metroguide Canada on Garmin's map viewer. They now have MG Canada v5 on display in it so you can take a look and see what you think. The online map viewer is an ugly piece of work so be prepared to have patience with it. The maps are really great so don't let the online viewer scare you off. If there is a particular area you would like to see as an example just ask and we'll post a screen shot for you.

The campgrounds listed in MG Can5 in BC and Alberta are pretty good. However, searching for them is spotty. I found they aren't necessarily listed under the categories you might expect.

Ken in Regina
I wasn't aware of that, Terry. I just looked at the display and I see lots of both. I mostly use Google search for planning anyway, so I would already know the area to look on the map. When searching the maps I almost never use categories. I usually use name search in All Categories. I've been burned way too many times trying to use categories. Some work great, others not so much. This gets back to the best search techniques, which we've discussed a number of times. I always prefer to do the search in a way that will get me too many hits rather than risk missing what I want.

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