Problem scheduling stops at Highway Rest Areas in Microsoft Streets & Trips
One of the few bugs I have had with Microsoft Streets and Trips is that if you schedule a stop on your itinerary for a Rest Area on an Interstate Highway, it takes you in a roundabout way....off the Interstate and on back roads, apparently to the "back" of the Rest Area... to get there rather than just straight in and out of the Rest Area.

The solution which I use is just to use the nearest exit or interchange at the nearest Mile Marker instead of the Rest Area and compensate for the few miles in distance from an interchange to the Rest Area.

Have any others encountered this problem or have any comments on it ? I'm a new poster to this website.
It could be you are placing the stop on the wrong side of the freeway. This forces the program to find a turn around route. Zoom in really close when you place the stop to ensure it is going the right way.

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