Something to hold my laptop securely
Has anyone a recommendation for a vehicle laptop holder? Preferably one that will hold the laptop in such a way that minimizes jolts etc from the vehicle.

I use a RAM Mount in my Ford Freestar. My car is my office, and having my laptop handy has made a wonderful difference.

The mount uses a hard rubber ball to isolate vibration from the laptop, and spring-loaded fingers grab the sides of the computer.

Wayne in Red Deer
I have had a RAM mount in my truck for a year now. Made a 9,000 Km trip last year using the laptop for navigation and the mount worked great, easily adjustable for driver, passenger or both to view. The mount also removes in seconds to free up space if needed.
Marvin Hlavac
Also Jotto Desk may be worth considering.
On the cheap, I belted a plastic rubbermade type file box with a split top to my passenger seat. I then put friction tape accross the top lids to keep my laptop from sliding around. Amazing how well it works for panic stops, but make sure you belt the box in place around the passenger seat. (the seatbelt wasn't big enough so I have a luggage strap placed around it. It's easy to loosen and remove.

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