Dell Mini GPS Problem
Hi there,

I have recently bought a Globalsat ND-100 USB GPS dongle to connect to my Dell Mini laptop (running Windows XP). Data is recieved from the dongle and can be seen in software such as Earth Bridge. However, I have been unsuccsessful in getting the data to plot on a map. Nothing happens in Google Earth pro and Earth Bridge (and a number of other packages) say my position is off the coast of Africa when in fact I am in London. I tried the dongle on my desktop PC (running Vista) and all works fine. I have tried a number of software packages on my laptop with no luck. Any ideas? Apologies for being nonspecific but I don't have much else to go on.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jac,

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I like the form factor of these USB GPS units. Especially for a tablet PC or a UMPC, these dongles look attractive, because there is no long cable hanging between the GPS receiver and the PC.

However, several people, who have used various GPS units with this form factor, have reported issues getting a usable GPS fix while the GPS receiver was plugged directly to their laptop. There may be some interference when a GPS receiver is in very close proximity to a laptop. When a USB extension is used, it should work fine.
Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I had thought this to be the case and was using an extension with the dongle all along BUT it was a longer one than supplied. Your suggestion that interferrence was only a problem in very close proximity encouraged me to give the shorter usb extension a go. It works! Thanks again for your help. James
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